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Since Bitcoin was launched, we have seen thousands of other digital currencies join the market, promising new concepts. Now the crypto market has grown manifold, and investors get to choose from a plethora of projects. But as the market drop continues, investors are backing out from making short-term plans that could mean losing their funds. Over the last day, the crypto market has seen a downfall of 2.29%.
But there is a silver lining to the current situation, and it can be found in the form of 10 emerging and long-running crypto projects, including Dash2Trade,, Calvaria, and Tamadoge. In the following, we shall get acquainted with these alternative crypto investments that one can use as a safe bet to avoid losses in the current crypto slump.
At present, the global crypto market, which is worth roughly $904 billion, has taken a nosedive, taking with it the giant of all crypto coins, Bitcoin. It has been noted by CoinMarketCap that ever since Bitcoin dropped in November, there have been no notable recoveries. Crypto investors are well aware of the fact that BTC is capable of holding the whole crypto market down for a long time.
But now that the attention is on various emerging technologies like Metaverse and NFTs, crypto investors have a broader section of cryptos to choose from. A perfect investment strategy to follow right now would be to keep an eye on promising projects that are sustainable and have a solid use case.
>>>Buy Dash2Trade Now<<<
>>>Buy Dash2Trade Now<<<
Dash 2 Trade is bringing crypto traders a modern as well as highly useful intelligence platform. This platform will be well-equipped with several tools and features to simplify trading cryptocurrencies despite the market volatility and uncertainty. With a significant utility like that it is no surprise that this project is gaining so much traction and attention from investors from all over the world especially in the presale phase.
Speaking of presale, this crypto has already shattered many records in its first-ever presale that started hardly a week ago. Since this crypto project has secured a 70,000 members strong community backing it up, it seems more than ready to get sold out in stage 2 of presale. As of right now, D2T fundraiser has crossed the $2.7 million mark and is moving forward to bag millions before the end of 2022.
If you have been waiting for a platform offering reliable crypto trading signals along with social analytics to improve your trading experience then enter the D2T presale right now and secure a chance to make informed trading decisions with its signature platform when it releases for the first time soon.
>>>Buy Dash2Trade Now<<<
Eco-friendly crypto projects like have only one goal, which is to cut back on carbon emissions for individuals and businesses. IMPT is energy-efficient and safe for organizations, people, and various communities. The IMPT platform will include a sales widget to allow users to shop for products and support sustainable brands.
As users and investors shop for global brands, they are rewarded with IMPT tokens, the native cryptocurrency of tokens, which signify one’s support for sustainable initiatives around the world, can further be exchanged to get carbon credits. Users are allowed to buy, sell, hold, and even retire their carbon credits. Retiring means it is burned and returned to the user as an NFT, completing its tokenized aspect.
>>>Buy Impt Now<<<
For those who miss the nostalgia of card battles, Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is nothing short of a blast from the past. This is an exhilarating play-to-earn battle card game which includes high-end experience for all the gamers who want an entry into the crypto space. The goal of this project is to accelerate the widespread adoption of crypto within the general public using its native ERC-20 token RIA.
Calvaria is currently holding an exclusive presale where you can purchase RIA tokens. The first version of the playable game is already available on Play Store.
>>>Buy Calvaria Now<<<
This project stands out from the rest of the alternative crypto investments in the best way possible. The Tamadoge presale has set a high bar for other P2E offerings on Memecoins as it raised around $20 million. The game of Tamadoge is built around raising non-fungible token dogs as Tamadoge pets, which will start minting by Q4 of 2022. So there is a good chance that it will be a record success in the days to come.
>>>Buy Tamadoge Now<<<
Ethereum requires no introduction for one who has spent long enough in the crypto market. For the longest time ever, Ethereum has been the only altcoin to succeed Bitcoin in terms of significance. Currently, ETH is trading at $1,557 with a little less than a 5% change over the past 24 hours. This is the best moment to make a long-term investment in ETH.
The native currency powering the entire Binance ecosystem, Binance Coin, made its way as one of the top 10 crypto quicker than anyone could’ve ever imagined. As a crypto exchange platform, dominance of Binance is unparalleled. At $290 rising at 7%, BNB seems to be a safe bet to make in 2022 for crypto enthusiasts. 
Ripple has achieved what no other crypto project did in a long time. It has won its legal battles against SEC, proving that at $0.47, XRP still packs a punch. With all bullish sentiments favoring this crypto’s path, investors seem confident about XRP before 2023 arrives.
Cardano is trading a little weaker than many altcoins but that doesn’t mean that ADA cannot touch the $1 threshold in 2022. This project has spent several years in the crypto industry, maintaining its significance through meaningful collaborations and incessant progress. While it still needs to reach encouraging levels, ADA could prove to be a safe investment. 
Solana entered the world of crypto in 2020, but despite its lack of experience SOL has made a grip all over the market participants. It appeals mainly to those who want a reliable as well as safe alternative to Ethereum. But Solana also deals with NFT which has secured it significant investment to keep it strong while the global crypto market falls.
If you have been following the price chart of Polygon then you must have noticed its bullish breakout that appeared on October 26. In addition to clearing its daily cloud resistance, MATIC is closing in on $1 level. Last week, MATIC climbed over 12% in value which establishes that it is a good time to hold Polygon in 2022 to stay safe.
We consider Dash2Trade, Calvaria, IMPT and Tamadoge as 4 precious investments at this point because they are growing fast and are based on solid concepts. Apart from getting increasingly popular right after their presale, D2T, RIA and IMPT are building a huge and supportive community without breaking a sweat.
>>>Buy Dash2Trade Now<<<

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