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Periods of market downturn are never easy for digital asset investors. Not only is there the expected melancholy within the market but there are also the naysayers declaring assets like NFTs to be dead.
But Matt Shadows, the frontman for rock band Avenged Sevenfold, has put out a message of encouragement to his fellow NFT fans.
In a Twitter thread, Shadow encouraged fellow creators to go beyond boundaries and to not let their work become a commodity, while also touching on the state of the NFT market.
Attention all up and coming artists: never let your art become a commodity. Let the creation take you where it’s gonna take you and let the chips fall where they may…. always.
— M. Shadows (@shadows_eth) August 13, 2022

Analytics show us were we have been… not where we are going. I have recently seen many people pull back from web3 and it’s been for 2 reasons…. Price dip in crypto or they don’t want blowback from the mob. What this says to me is that they were never here for the right reason anyway,” he said on Twitter, adding that as the market enters recovery, some of the people who initially abandoned it will then come back.
This is a common sentiment in the blockchain sector, with many encouraging themselves and others to ride out market dips and price winters. But Shadow and his band have been known as pioneers for NFT use within the music industry.
One of their notable projects has been the Deathbats Club NFT collection that has encouraged their fans to form digital communities, as well as offering real-life benefits.
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Image Credit Via: Twitter
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Tokoni Uti has written extensively on blockchain and cryptocurrency for years. Her work has appeared on sites like BTCmanager and Blockchain Reporter. She has a degree in Corporate Communications.

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