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South Korea’s Pinkfong Company has inked a licensing agreement that will see its flagship Baby Shark IP featured on Toekenz Collectibles’ upcoming platform that gamifies NFTs.
Toekenz will develop and introduce a blockchain Baby Shark game for kids ages five to nine, and the brand’s characters will also be available as digital collectibles that kids can customize and share with other players.
Targeting kids under age 12 and their families, the Toekenz platform is designed to turn collecting, buying and selling NFTs into a game for kids. It’s set to launch in Q1 2023 through the App Store and Google Play, and will feature blockchain-based games that kids can play to earn licensed digital tokens. The platform will also offer educational resources about new tech like web3, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 
Baby Shark is just the latest major kids brand to get on board with Toekenz, which recently partnered with Canada’s Boat Rocker Media to create NFTs based on its series The Next Step and Daniel Spellbound. And in an even bigger get, Toekenz also signed a deal with Mattel in October for a handful of its franchise brands. 
Since the launch of its signature song in 2016, Baby Shark has generated more than 11 billion views on YouTube and expanded into consumer products, animated series and films. This is the brand’s second foray into NFTs. Last year, Pinkfong partnered with digital art marketplace MakersPlace for a range of tokens featuring animated illustrations of Baby Shark and his family, as well as the Baby Shark song.
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