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These altcoins solve real-world problems and rely on proven utilities to push their adoption in the crypto market. Also, their relatively low cost makes them viable alternatives to the big cryptos. Let us take a step further and explore why they will explode soon enough.
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Updated: 15 Nov 2022 5:09 pm
The big tokens have struggled to stay afloat in 2022, with no apparent turnaround in sight. Their prices continue to dip, causing many crypto investors and traders to suffer losses. Nevertheless, IMPT , D2T , RIA , RobotERA , and MetaMasters are set to change the tides.
These altcoins solve real-world problems and rely on proven utilities to push their adoption in the crypto market. Also, their relatively low cost makes them viable alternatives to the big cryptos. Let us take a step further and explore why they will explode soon enough.
Ditching the Big Tokens
BTC, ETH, and BNB have had their glory days, making bullish runs that brought massive returns to investors and traders. However, 2022 brought a downturn for them. What started as a slow bearish run has taken over the entire market, forcing crypto enthusiasts to look elsewhere.
Rising from the unfortunate downward spiral of the crypto market are five altcoins. They have their foundations set on real-life utilities and relatable projects. As a result, they have captured the hearts of many, stirring up interest as they gain popularity.
Fortunately, these altcoins are in presale, giving investors an early opportunity to settle in for an explosive ride. Their low entry barrier might turn the tide around and give the crypto market a bullish run.
Best Alrcoins Set to Explode
●    IMPT
●    D2T
●    RIA
●    TARO
●    MEMAG
Let us look more closely at the projects backing the tokens.
How could we have thought that the blockchain could help solve the global warming crisis facing our planet? The creators of IMPT thought differently and came up with the clever idea of offsetting our carbon footprints. By purchasing the IMPT token, we gain access to the ecosystem.
The idea behind is a simple one. It offers a shopping platform where people can make regular purchases and earn IMPT tokens from them. Then, they can accumulate them or exchange them for carbon credits.
We also have the NFT marketplace, where token holders can sell their carbon credits or burn them to receive NFTs. All these processes work together to support the platform's various impact-driven projects worldwide. So, it is a win-win for both parties.
IMPT is currently halfway through its first presale. There are two ways to purchase them: with ETH or USDT. Also, the recommended wallets include MetaMask on desktop and Trust Wallet on mobile.
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Dash 2 Trade promises a revolutionary platform for crypto traders. It has various features to enable traders to make the best possible decisions. As a result, it goes beyond being a payment service.
The utility behind the Dash 2 Trade platform makes it enticing. There are many things traders can do with a strategy builder and social indicators, like social media activity and developer activity. Such a project will be noticed in the crypto community.
Purchasing the D2T token grants you access to the platform when it becomes available. The platform's other features include a presale and ICO scoring system, a backtester, and independent technical indicators. Regarding the latter, the ecosystem offers moving averages, support lines, and order book statistics.
Dash 2 Trade takes crypto trading to the next level, making it one of the hotshots to explode in value. Although it is currently in its third presale, adopters are raking in the tokens faster than we could imagine. In less than one month, it reached the third phase.
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Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a game that bridges the gap between non-crypto adopters and users. As a result, it is available on Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. It spreads its wings over both ecosystems and gets the best of both worlds.
The RIA project is as educational as a play-to-earn battle card game. Non-crypto players can play it while viewing the rewards they would get if they switched to the blockchain version. On the other hand, crypto users can battle opponents and earn RIA tokens as rewards.
RIA’s presale is live, but it is selling out at a remarkable rate. Gaming is a viable approach that will generate massive interest when it launches. Currently, the developers have pieced together the characters.
RIA token holders can participate in the highly entertaining contest to level up their cards. They can also buy in-game resources and even NFTs.
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The Meta Masters Guild seeks a decentralized network of play-to-earn games for its members. It uses the MEMAG as the official token of the ecosystem. Hence, holders can use it for various functions, including buying assets.
All in-game assets are verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain, making it a fully transparent project. Players will not only earn money by playing the games. The ecosystem will reward them for their contributions.
Any opportunity to earn money beyond playing games is hardly anything anyone would overlook. That is what the Meta Masters Guild offers, and the MEMAG token is in beta presales.
Three games are ready to launch, with many NFTs added to the platform. Buying the tokens now is prudent because of the low cost and possible returns.
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This project gives token holders access to a full-fledged multiverse. It has generated quite the interest in the crypto community, especially in today’s era of the metaverse.
Players in this game will remain in one ecosystem, the Taro planet. They will appear as robots from seven camps with different advantages. Furthermore, their sole goal is to rebuild the planet by managing and acquiring land resources.
The metaverse is still a novel innovation, but RobotERA makes it look easy. Robots are the native NFTs of the ecosystem. Players can trade their NFTs, other commodities, and continents through the marketplace for money.
TARO just launched its first presales and is well prepared to ace it. Also, gamers have taken an interest in the project.
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Crypto enthusiasts have turned their attention from the big coins to the low-cost options. IMPT, D2T, RIA, MEGMAG, and TARO are excellent options with interesting projects behind them. From eco-friendly projects to play-to-earn game models, they have touched sensitive areas that have sent ripples down the crypto market.
The most likely result is a surge in price when they reach their launch phase. For now, they are in presales, bidding their time to reward early adopters with massive returns. 
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