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Aug 01, 2022, 05:51 ET
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PUNE, India, Aug. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Revised data and insights have been published by Market Decipher in its latest version report, Collectibles Market and NFT Market Statistics Report, 2022 – 2032. New report slightly adjusts the research scope estimating collectibles market size at $402 billion in 2021 (actual value) and forecasting to reach $1 Trillion by 2032. Fastest growing sectors include Digital Art, Sports NFT, Trading Card. Collectibles evolve as a high ROI sector for investors. Great time for companies to invest in Indian NFT market.  
Get Latest Version Report Updated in July 2022:
"Market Decipher has completely revised the huge database on Collectibles Industry covering 200+ products. Latest insights and forecast have revealed new areas of profitability. Insights on the market also shed light on some market sectors otherwise considered grey. NFT, which was impacted recently, is expected to touch heights in 2022 and after.  Due to the demand for non-fungible tokens generated by online investors and collectors, digital collectibles prices have risen. College Memorabilia gaining ground in physical as well as NFT leagues demand. Collectibles taking over home décor market "
Tezos India and BeFantastic welcomed visitors into the world of digital art through a Web3 experience
Tezos India, a major organisation in India marketing the Tezos blockchain community, and BeFantastic, a TechArt platform founded in Bangalore, have just partnered to bring the world of clean NFTs and digital art to the 2022 India Art Fair. Thousands of visitors were exposed to special digital art NFTs generated on the Tezos blockchain, which is renowned for its energy efficiency, at an exclusive stand during India’s largest art show.
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Sports NFT: A tremendous opportunity, forecast to cross 3 Billion Revenue in 2022
Spots NFT is expected to get hugely circulated in 2022 through various online marketplaces as per ongoing trend. Limited edition video clips and player trading cards are two major items to be tokenized. A 60% of growth in sports NFT is expected by the end of this year. The demand has led to evolution of specialised sports NFT marketplaces. The demand is skyrocketing this year with companies emerging to reap the benefits. Sports leagues have played a vital role by engaging in contracts to launch new trading cards and NFTs of historical game moments in terms of video clips. Almost every major sports league has an exclusive trading card contract with manufacturers.
"NFT trading cards to overshadow the physical card business to a great extent. NFTs to reach almost half the collectibles industry revenue".
The world is becoming increasingly receptive to collectible toys, integration of physical and digital thrive in a technology-driven marketplace.
More and more collectible toys are being produced because of increasingly digitally connected markets. It is due in large part to the growth of streaming services and social media that allows toys to build hype with children faster than ever before. One of the key reasons collectibles are back in vogue is technology. In terms of collectibles, video games are growing dramatically, and they offer some lessons for traditional toys as well. They have promoted growth by creating rarity and goals.
Increasing internet access and the presence of digital content in the entertainment industry is the key reason for the growth of the global animation collectibles market. The sale of toy collectibles associated with movies and TV shows is anticipated to increase tremendously in near future through offline and online distribution channels. Further, rapid urbanization, the growth of the internet, and e-commerce are the major factors driving the animation collectibles market. Avengers, Star Wars, and other movie IPs drive a large portion of the market for Collectible Toys. Because of this, this market is not seasonal as traditional toys.
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UpperDeck and Fanatics: the two companies highly active in the strategic market
Upperdeck announced a new line of Call of Duty League™ esports trading cards. It also introduced a new line of Blizzard Entertainment Trading cards. Recently Upperdeck also released first-ever officially licensed trading card for All Elite Wrestling. Earlier in 2021 Upper Deck, the premier global sports and entertainment trading card, memorabilia, and Collectibles Company, announced a brand-new addition to the company’s ever-growing trading card and memorabilia portfolio through an exclusive, multi-year deal with All Elite Wrestling (AEW).
University and College Sports Memorabilia/Cards/NFT is gaining popularity.
Nike Inc. and Fanatics Inc. have signed a long-term deal to design and manufacture collegiate sports apparel, sharing the rights to serve a number of major universities. Further, Fanatics Collectables and Topps have announced comprehensive agreements to produce collegiate football and basketball trading cards — partnerships that include nearly 150 universities and, separately, more than 200 name, image and likeness deals with athletes.
"Fanatics looks to grow the Zerocool trading card brand which focuses on pop culture, art, and entertainment instead of traditional sports cards."
How Are NFTs Revolutionizing the Collectible Trading Card Industry?
Hassle-free authentication process:  NFT removes the potential of passing a counterfeit asset off as genuine and shortens the time-consuming authentication procedure.
Increased variety and utility of trading cards: As the popularity of NFTs grows, a rising number of mainstream musicians, celebrities, and big sports organisations are entering the NFTs sector as a new means to reach new audiences. As a result, a wider range of trading card games and collectibles are available on NFT markets.
Minimizing the depreciation of value: Crashes, stains, and scratches are common with physical trading cards. NFT trading cards are impervious to regular wear and tear since they are digital and eliminates the possibility of damage, loss, and theft.
Recent Developments by Companies in 2022:
Customized Report can be procured on Request:
Report Details:
Major Product Coverage (35 categories and 100 subcategories):
Autograph NFT
Horse Riding
Classic Cars
High End Stereos
NFT Collectibles
Music Collectibles
Tobacco Collectibles
Sailing Spare Parts
Porcelain & Glass
Toys and Dolls
Bobble Head
Wall Art
Vintage Fashion
Film Prop Poster
Action Figure
Vinyl Records
Pins & Buttons
Sports NFT
For Research on specific product or sub-category, send us your request through or official website.
Key Report Takeaways
Customized Report can be procured on Request:
Other Growing Industries:
Automotive Display Market
Fantasy Sports Market
India Fantasy Sports Market
Automotive Hub Motor Market
Sports NFT Market
Sports Betting Market
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