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NFTs are one of the most trendy use cases of cryptocurrency you’d see. The whole cryptocurrency market knows those ape, bird, and pixel art collections selling for thousands of dollars. The whole NFT craze began in 2020, and pretty sure by now that everybody knows how much volume the NFT market pulls.
More interestingly, the NFT market does not succumb to cryptocurrency prices or bitcoin dominance like the token market does. The landscape is full of people who want to buy good art and make money.
Collectixt (CLEX) is a new NFT marketplace looking to claim market share and help its early investors make money. The platform is looking to launch on the polygon and the Ethereum blockchain. It will compete with top Ethereum NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Looksrare, X2Y2, etc.
But it seems like a bigger competition to the Solana NFT marketplaces since the protocol promises to reduce transaction fees greatly. Transaction fees are the main edge and selling point the Solana network has on Ethereum, but what happens if Collectixt NFT marketplace takes that away?
The Collectixt token could be a promising token looking to launch soon. The presale will offer you a very low entry price to buy.
Solana NFT Marketplaces? Are NFTs On Solana Blockchain Good?
Image credits: Solana
Solana(SOL) is a public, open-source blockchain that supports decentralized applications, smart contracts, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In addition to serving as a means of value transfer and network security through staking, the SOL money is a native of Solana’s blockchain.
Ethereum fees have soared due to the expansion of the DeFi and NFT markets, leading customers of cryptocurrencies to search for alternatives like Solana and the zero-fees platform Polygon. Since then, Solana has served as an alternative network for NFTs. Axie Infinity trade on the Ronin sidechain had the second-highest trading volume after Ethereum before the Ronin breach. Solana is now the best option for NFTs after holding the second spot for a while.
In the month of August, Solana has transacted over $50 million in NFTs, and the Ethereum blockchain has transacted over $480 million. Both Solana and Ethereum have suffered a decrease from last month’s volume. Also, it’s the lowest volume both chains and the whole NFT market have seen this year.
What Is Collectixt Token(CLEX)? Why Collectixt NFT Marketplace
Collectixt Token (CLEX) is designed to fuel a DAO-organized platform that allows individuals to be original and creative in the crypto world by safeguarding and developing unique platforms and an NFT marketplace where people can sell, buy, and auction off their unique NFTs.
The Collectixt token is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Still, the goal is to create a scalable, cross-chain token network that makes producing, deploying, and trading NFTs much easier, cheaper, and faster, resulting in a huge increase in trade volume and adoption.
The Ethereum blockchain network is the largest in the NFT sector, accounting for more than 80% of NFT sales and volume. Collectixt Token would inherit a stable and thriving ecosystem in NFTs by debuting on the Ethereum network. The fundamental goal of Collectixt Token is to build an NFT marketplace that ensures more value goes to creators, overcomes the challenges of excessive fees and NFT property rights, and provides more support to artists.
Collectixt Token (CLEX) has launched its presale with many incentives for early buyers. The best offer is a 20% bonus when you buy using Ethereum (ETH) and a 35% bonus when you buy with fiat cash up to $1000.
When you buy on presale and stack some money with the referral bonuses, you get an additional 8% bonus. The referral program gives you back $35 for every $150 your referee spends.
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