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Tapping into gen z’s love-hate relationship with real estate, Leo Burnett Malaysia and Chipsmore, a cookie brand by Mondelez International, have launched ‘METAPOLY’. 
The campaign reimagines the 28 property squares around the Monopoly boardwalk as virtual properties. Each one made available as Metaverse-ready NFTs – and a chance for gen z to finally own their ultimate dream homes. 
According to Iska Hashim, executive creative director, “As studies have shown, gen z uses their unique brand of humour to cope with the world around them. Which is why this campaign is not only an opportunity for fun digital engagement – but also tongue-in-cheek social commentary.”
The virtual properties itself have been designed in the Chipsmore brand’s over-the-top language – and are featured on bases resembling Monopoly property cards. These include:

But it doesn’t stop there. As senior copywriter Vickknesh Raj shared, “One of the fun ways we’re amplifying the conversation is through social influencers and our own brand’s mascot who are roleplaying as real estate agents from the Metaverse.”
Launched on 1st September, Malaysians and Singaporeans participate in Metapoly by visiting and rolling dice to collect points. At the end of the campaign period, the NFTs are sent to the top 28 players’ Metamask wallets.
“The fact that we were able to seamlessly weave a current trend that is relevant to our audience with an age-old property game in an over-the-top way, makes it more engaging and exciting. No doubt this campaign will be one to remember and we are excited to take this journey with Chipsmore into the world of Web 3.0,” summed up group account director Wasim Akram.
Agency: Leo Burnett Malaysia
Executive Creative Director: Iska Hashim
Creative Group Head: David HK Tan
Senior Copywriter: Vickknesh Raj
Copywriter: Reyna Gopal, Jing Jie Chang
Designers: Sue Phing, Stephanie Chiew Li, Diyana Yusof
Managing Director: Firzan Mulafer
Group Account Director: Wasim Akram
Account Manager: Meon Lee
Account Executive: Ilyana Azizi
Production Studio: FlyStudio & CueArt
Client: Mondelez International
Brand Manager: Yvonne Lam
Marketing Manager: Mona Shamili, Boon Siew
Head of Marketing: Arpan Sur
Categories: Sweet, Food
Tue, 20 Sep 2022 13:25:29 GMT


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