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The wait is finally over and Rario’s Cricket Carnival Pack drops at 8pm. The packs are exclusively made for the Rario community and grabbing one right now is the first step towards playing the Cricket Strategy Game that will soon go live on Rario. The upcoming Rario’s pack drops are to be marketed globally with Dream Sports, meaning there would be more competition and understandably, fewer chances of buying! 
Now, the pack drops are at 8PM on Friday and the reservations have already run their course. Even if you made a reservation, you need to be on your toes at 8PM. Things will move pretty fast once the pack drops are live and getting your hands on them as soon as possible would need you to be prepared.
There are two versions of the pack that will drop – The Cricket Carnival Legends Pack and The Cricket Carnival Champions Pack. Depending on which you made your reservations for, you’ll get to make a purchase with several others trying to outpace you to get their hands on one. Think of it like limited ice cream being sold outside the cinemas. The rush is expected to be multiple times of that.
Here are a few steps you could take to ensure you have your hands on the packs stress-free:
Be ready to pick the packs from Keep refreshing the page every few seconds when it’s close to 8PM. The website is currently “preparing the pitch” to give you a seamless experience.
Have international transactions activated on your debit/credit card.
Make sure your WiFi and internet connections are stable.
The wait is over and the world of cricket fandom is ready to give its first glimpse to fans in the Rario community.



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