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Spice and Ken set up a meeting with Soleia to see what information she had that could help, but they learned that she was unable to remember anything from the time in question. Spice and Ken were determined to not give up and took Soleia to see Intoxicating the Average, a Gene Editor, in hopes that she could help restore the memories that Soleia had lost.
They learned a Memory Dam had been implanted in Soleia to block her memories, and they tried to erode the dam to get a small portion of her memories back. The procedure was a success, and Soleia remembered being locked up in a cold place and that the Hubur Key (one of Asherah’s 7 key relics) was needed to get her in and out. They realized that ShaDAO must have taken Ken to the same place, and that they would need the Hubur Key to rescue him. Luckily, Soleia remembered exactly who held the multi-sig wallet that contained it. But they would have to execute a difficult coordinated d-mezz of all 3 of them at the same time in order to burn the multi-sig wallet and drop the unburnable relic.
With the knowledge that Soleia provided – that the 3 ShaDAO members are Stanton, Luther Radioactive, and Fay from Acidic – questers turned to The Moderator for help. The Moderator was able to provide questers with some information about the ShaDAO members, but it was up to the questers to determine in what order to carry out the attacks for each. After discovering the locations of their targets, questers engaged in a targeted ad campaign to carry out the attack by luring the targets to each location by block 7200. This led to the successful claim of the Hubur Key by Soleia.
Quest #4 introduced The Moderator as an interactive character in Discord as players worked to discover what it would take to save Ken.
During the Quest, participants did the following:
Followed the breadcrumbs left in the ShaDAO documents The Moderator provided, which led them to Exploit from Rosey in Discord. Exploit from Rosey then gave questers a new role and access to the DarkNet channel.
Questers helped The Moderator decrypt a profile ShaDAO had on a CyberBroker named Soleia.
Questers learned that in order to rescue Ken they needed the Hubur Key, which is held by ShaDAO agents in a 3 person multi-sig wallet.
Players split into teams of Mind, Body, and Soul to solve a puzzle, track down popular locations that each target frequents, and send targeted ads out on Twitter in an effort to lure the targets to their locations prior to the coordinated attack at block 7200.
Finding The Moderator
Questers began by receiving a message from Spice wondering if a breadcrumb trail was left by The Moderator on how to find them, as they may be the only one who can help find Ken.
Then, questers took a closer look at the 5 ShaDAO documents previously uncovered in Quest #3:
Questers found a unique string found within the keywords of the meta-data of the documents.  There were 5 strings total to be found – each listed below.
These 5 strings were the 5 pieces to a Shamir Secret Sharing Scheme that was used to split secrets among many people (such is wallet seeds) and was recombined here:
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