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EVIP LIZARD PRIME represents an evolution for the decentralized future, promising constant value for users and unparalleled exclusivity.
EVIP LIZARD PRIME, a revolutionary NFT, is set to drop in August 2022, a fresh new sequel that guarantees holders unmatched benefits. The release is a sequel that features multiple utilities, making it so that holders constantly generate value and get exclusivity and social assistance.
EVIP LIZARD PRIME is a humanoid lizard that underwent various evolutionary stages to become its current self. With varied utilities on the Blockchain, the NFT promises a seamless evolution for the decentralized future.
The NFT market is growing exponentially, with an estimated $ 30 million moved every 24 hours. The market is expected to grow 500% in 2022, making the future of the NFT landscape clear. The EVIP ecosystem is poised to promote connections that create and maintain ethical and humanized business environments. “Our ecosystem uses innovative technologies to capture resources and promote their escalation, such as Blockchain, smart contracts, token-security, NFT, and Web 3.0.
EVIP provides detailed information about the impact of its NFT, its place in the Crypto space, and all its unique features. With its unique development, EVIP LIZARD PRIME aims to adapt to the existing landscape and begin to optimize the space from within, curating exclusive experiences for holders.
Holders of EVIP LIZARD PRIME will enjoy benefits ranging from early purchase of EVIP token, 2% redistribution in social causes, guaranteed whitelist for TOKEN EVIP ANGEL PRIME launch, discounts on physical products and hiring PRIME NFT services, access to manga EVIP LIZARD PRIME and events from EVIP and partners, and more.
EVIP LIZARD PRIME was developed in partnership with PRIME NFT, the largest incubator of NFT and blockchain crypto active launches in Latin America. The team turns visualizations into NFT projects, helping people through creation, elaboration, and launch with the highest blockchain standard. PRIME NFT also guarantees an excellent user experience for customers. “Our intention, in addition to bringing blockchain quality and experience, is to transform everyone’s lives with new opportunities, hope and investment.”
PRIME NFT and EVIP ECONOMY have an aligned vision, with EVIP explaining that technology and innovation will help create a sustainable ecosystem that will better lives by presenting significant opportunities.
“We believe that profitable businesses can be inclusive and in the disruptive idea that once we understand the great inequalities that prevail in the world, it becomes our responsibility to be part of the answer that people need. Our purpose is to create more opportunities for more people. Our businesses combine and generate profitable, innovative, and sustainable results,” explains EVIP ECONOMY.
The group of visionary entrepreneurs is on a mission to ensure that the economic system will adapt through hyperconnectivity, allowing for updates and improvements that benefit everyone. This will enable a smooth transition into the next evolutionary phase.
Since the EVIP LIZARD PRIME concept is built by EVIP, token and NFT holders, become an integrated part of the project. All actions directly impact society and ensure a sustainable flow and conscious return.
Contact Details
Contact: Tiago Vieira
Contact Number: 05562996324067
Email Address:
Country: Brazil
Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.
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With Masters in Mass communication and journalism, Anjali’s interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.
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