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EX Sports, a Dubai-based sports fan engagement platform, is excited to announce its third drop Urbanball Brazil Edition street football NFTs set to go live on July 29, 2022, at 11 am.
As per the announcement, the third drop will distribute 10,000 NFTs through randomised mystery box packs that will feature sports stars, skills, exclusive surprises, and athletes. This drop on Binance NFT will run for only 24 hours. The first and second drops (the UK and Belgium Editions) saw an overwhelming response when all the NFT were sold out instantly.
Urbanball is a one-of-a-kind street football ecosystem powered by EX Sports that is designed to support the growth of street football both online and offline. In partnership with Sean Garnier, the ecosystem, a freestyle footballer, holds monthly ‘Fightball’ tournaments to discover the best street footballers. These events are held in countries where one footballer plays against another with one goalie.
Notably, the mystery boxes will contain a special Samba Surprise related to the Brazilian football hero Dano Alves’ NFT. In the last drops, the holder of the ‘Flame’ and ‘Diamond’ NFTs had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet with football legends Dani Alves and Neymar. However, the Samba Surprise will provide holders opportunities and benefits not seen in the last two drops.
The partnership with Dani Alves, a prolific Brazilain defender, has provided 10 NFTs for the Samba Surprises. This partnership was made possible through the help of British watchmaker Backes & Strauss & tech company Collossalbit. These NFTs will feature unique timepieces made to celebrate Dani’s career and will commemorate every significant trophy he won over 22 years.  
Note that these timepiece NFTs will not be useable in the Urban game. However, holders get private access to Dani’s entire Metaverse room, where they will see memorabilia or even meet the legend. Holders will also receive a 3D model of the watch they can wear in other metaverses. In addition, holders of the timepiece NFTs will meet other celebrities and superstar footballers, including Sean Garnier. Other benefits include receiving a 20% off at the exclusive MetaTerrance in Dubai.
The recent tournament held in Brazil unveiled two freestyle: Cristhian Robert Silva (Bulico), the Rio De Janeiro Champion, and Guilherme De Souza (Gui Marcondes), the São Paulo Champion. Due to their exceptional skills, strength, and creativity, the two have had their NFTs created and included in the latest Urbanball collection. In addition, they will also have a unique opportunity to become a character in the Urbanball mobile game set to be launched in December. This latest NFT drop also features  Adonias Fonseca, a renowned Brazil freestyle superstar and sports personality. 
These collections are more than sports collectables. Urbanball hopes to tokenise in-game assets through its upcoming game while helping underdog athletes benefit from the industry. There are NFT drops planned for every month running up to the launch of Urbanball’s play-to-earn mobile game.


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