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Casper, Wyoming, UNITED STATES
CASPER, Wyo., July 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The beloved psy-punk project Federation today released its deluxe limited-edition NFT album “F’’ exclusive to music NFT platform, RCRDSHP. Accessible with fiat or cryptocurrency, the album represents the first deluxe limited-edition NFT album available across payment rails. After working on several other projects over the last seven years, the trio returns to set the precedent for Web3 music artists of all genres — delivering bonus tracks, album commentary, artwork and visuals, rare rewards, and fan experiences to album collectors.

With a market value just north of $1.2 billion in 2021, music NFTs are predicted to generate $42 billion by 2032. As music NFTs are on the cusp of revolutionizing the way artists engage with fans, Federation is dropping their deluxe album “F” as an exclusive digital collectible on RCRDSHP to bring impactful in-real-life experiences to fans worldwide. The limited-edition digital collectible dives into alchemical themes of death, sex, rot and rebirth, found in the branches of F’s cosmic nervous system. Comprising singer Ben Lost, guitarist Dave Veraven and producer Richard Mowatt, Federation is returning with a way for all listeners to explore a new digital reality.
“RCRDSHP is thrilled to be a part of Federation’s return. This is just the beginning of what is to come for bands entering the space,” said RCRDSHP Founder & CEO, Obie Fernandez. “Digital NFT collectibles are singlehandedly changing the music landscape as we know it, and we want to see more unique artists benefit from sharing their music. We’re excited to watch fans of Federation, new and old, connect with their favorite musicians in new ways and understand what is possible here.”
Launched on the Flow blockchain, the exclusive album will be released as 888 packs, with each pack containing four individual digital collectibles. The deluxe album collection incorporates a unique blend of rewards and gamified challenges for collectors to participate in following the drop.
Rewards and utility for album collectors will include:
“Our band Federation’s exclusive ‘F’ album drop on RCRDSHP should encourage other bands & artists to connect & engage with their own followers in an exciting new way – whilst also supporting both artist and fans,” said Richard Mowatt, producer and third of post-punk-goth-trancers Federation. “This kind of deluxe album collectible allows music NFT fans to engage with their favorite artists through tangible, meaningful experiences – and that’s a good and powerful thing.”
The album drop will commence on July 8th, 2022 at 8pm BST / 3pm EST / 12pm PST exclusively via RCRDSHP. To participate in the sale and explore the exclusive Federation collection on RCRDSHP, visit:
To learn more about RCRDSHP and explore its extensive marketplace, visit: Follow RCRDSHP on Twitter or Medium, and join the conversation on Telegram and Discord.
For more information on Federation, see:
RCRDSHP is the first digital collectibles platform dedicated to electronic music. With investment from Dapper Labs and major NFT advocates, it aims to connect artists and fans in new, gamified ways secured by blockchain technology that benefit the people making the music happen. It uses the energy-efficient Flow blockchain to mint collectibles with a tiny carbon footprint. RCRDSHP’s music and content partners include pioneering artists and events in electronic music.
Federation is a well-known trio punk band forging a unique sound that draws on 80’s goth, spider-web post punk, and thumping late 90’s Trance. After years of working on other projects, the band returned in June of 2022 with their metal guitar riffs and unprecedented harmonies in June of 2022 with their latest deluxe album “F”. Through unique artwork & visuals, Federation is exploring new vistas of digital reality with their deeply transcendent pieces. Follow Federation on Twitter or Instagram, and check out their latest tracks here.
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