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Here we give you 5 BNB Chain NFTs worth buying in the holiday season! Each one brings cool utility!
With the holiday season in full swing, what better way to show someone some Web3 love than by gifting them a trendy non-fungible token (NFT). BNB Chain NFTs are also hot this season too!
Recently integrated with OpenSea, BNB Chain is planning a “12 Days of NFTs” celebration with the largest NFT marketplace. Here we’ll give you five great BNB Chain NFTs that can bring extra joy to your recipient this season.

Nearly every project below is a member of the BNB Chain NFT Growth Alliance (BNGA), a project dedicated to the growth of NFTs on BNB Chain. We’ve only brought you some of the best! Take a look.
What's better than a gift that can become physical? Oddblox is one of the only NFTs on BNB Chain that can be fully printed into a real-life graphic. Obbblox has mastered the art of on-chain graphics, now make it a gift.
Floor Price: 0.08 BNB
Website | Twitter | Telegram | Rareboard | OpenSea |
The digital will become physical.
Looking to give someone an easy and fun game to join? The Hacked NFT collection from Gooodfellas is a great, new interactive NFT game. The onboarding is simple, but conquering it means becoming a DeFi hero. The dynamic NFTs give an added touch too!
Floor Price: 0.23 BNB
Website | Twitter | Telegram | Rareboard | OpenSea |
H⭕️ H⭕️ H⭕️ G⭕️⭕️⭕️DFELLAS

We’re kicking this action packed week off with a bang, starting with Hacked Game 9, tomorrow @ 14:00 UTC

🎁10 Prizes worth 17.3 #BNB
💰16.3 $BNB + 4 #NFTs from our Game 9 Sponsor, @BakedUniverse

Purchase your Hacked #NFT on @Rareboard#BNBChainNFTs
This NFT from the Baked Potatoes Universe allows you to earn Blender art classes from head artist Nino. Imagine learning to develop your own NFT! Call this the gift that keeps on giving. And the art trippy good!
Mint Price: 0.3 BNB
Website | Twitter | Rareboard | OpenSea | Telegram | Discord |
You already got a #PifflePuppets? we would 💚 to have you in our baked fam
You get full IP rights, you get blender education, awesome community, comic, choose what will happen in the comic and much more @BakedUniverse
Another gift that will keep on giving: The Bull Society. Home to the BNB Bulls that give residual BNB rewards, Bull Society is a great gift for the holiday season. Did we mention the dope merch you can get to go along with it? Bull Society is also home to ‘Lil Bulls if you want a smaller gift.
Floor Price: 0.1360 BNB
Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram |
we're giving away this #bnb bull #nft

interact with this tweet to enter for a chance to win
The forgotten gem of BNB Chain. Do you want to gift an NFT that offers rewards on multiple chains and provides the best of DeFi across the ecosystem? From DeFi rewards, a gaming guild, airdrops, and more! Look no further than the BSC News NFT. The NFT from BSC News has over 20 partners and won’t stop adding utility!
Floor Price: 0.4 BNB
Website | Twitter | Discord | Rareboard | OpenSea |
The #BSCNewsNFT does it all 🔥

Our holders get:
・ Lifetime @BSCNews Premium Content
・ Up to 100% Profit Share Gaming Guild
・ Exclusive perks from 20+ partners
・ Airdrops & Whitelist allocations

Want access to all this + more? 👇
Trust us: No matter your political persuasion, you do not want to miss out on seeing this amazing Donald Trump NFT collection.
Former U.S. President Donald J. Trump has released his first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection, and we think his fans and critics will all agree: They are everything you would expect from The Don.
Each Polygon-based NFT costs $99 and can be purchased with fiat via credit card or using $ETH. NFT holders have the chance to win dinner, drinks or a round of golf with Trump himself, or physical and digital collectible items. If you buy 45 NFTs, you receive a ticket to attend a Gala Dinner in South Florida with Trump.
Without further ado, here are the five dopest NFTs from the collection:
It’s classic, it’s patriotic, it’s … wait, has Trump paved over New York Harbor?
Well, landlocking Ellis Island makes it easier to tour the Statue of Liberty!
It’s always morning in America when Trump winking at you and giving two thumbs up.
Looking past the stylized stars and stripes and the background glare from … we don’t know — Trump’s ki? … this NFT features a decidedly faithful adherence to the new NASA spacesuits released during Trump’s term in the White House.
We assume Trump will dispense with the sunglasses when he puts on the actual helmet. (Or, hell, maybe not!)
OK, this is where it starts to get difficult. What’s more manly: Tactical military gear or bad dude Western wear?
He’s Trump. Put him in both. (And give him a shotgun, stat!)
Yes, we are sure Trump recognizes that the black cowboy hat diminishes the overall effectiveness of the camouflage. But face it: Trump’s not going to hide from anyone, anyway.
Standing at 6 foot 3 inches, Trump is quick to remind doubters that he is a tall human being. But, yeah, this NFT might exaggerate his height just a little bit.
Granted, it could be a metaphor for his intention to dominate the planet Earth and to wear the Moon as a halo (or else!).
And because it’s space, Trump’s got the sunglasses back on. The Top Gun-esque flight suit imagery is really just an artistic embellishment at this point.
Trump apparently is so bullish on this NFT collection that freaking laser beams are shooting out of his freaking eyes.
Sensible shoes? Check. Violet-orange dichromatic background filter? Check. Standing in front of the “Rump Tower”? Check.
Trump’s chiseled abs straining against superhero spandex puts Frank Miller’s nightmares to shame. Oh, and if you don’t vote for Trump the next time he’s on the ballot, presumably you could be sublimated with a blast of his heat vision.
If, like us, you can’t get enough of these Trump NFTs, visit to see more, including a video featuring Trump.
BNB Chain held seven events across seven major cities and succesfully hosted over 500 projects.
BNB Chain, the world’s largest smart contract blockchain in terms of daily active users, has concluded its European Innovation Incubator with the announcement of its top three winners emerging from the program. Over 520 projects registered within Europe, with 31 innovation-led teams being selected to participate in the program, marking a major success for BNB Chain.
Throughout the incubator, seven cities were visited for exclusive VIP networking events that welcomed all participants and partners. These events provided a valuable opportunity for projects to connect with industry leaders and potential investors.
The program concluded with an exclusive demo day, where invited partners and the 18 program sponsors chose the winners based on scores from Binance Labs, Binance Research, Polkastarter, Salus Security, Worldpay, MH Ventures, and other partners.
The project coming in at first place was Wallchain – a team of veteran engineers on a mission to build a healthy, decentralized wealth-being for the Web3 community by giving users cashback when they trade on exchanges.
As winners, Wallchain collaborated with experts in the space who provided industry-leading support, with Yurii Kyparus, Founder and CEO at Wallchain saying:
Cashmere Labs, an omnichain interoperability MEV Protected DEX Aggregator & Stableswap on LayerZero Labs, and Blockless, a Web3 developer solution that provides end-to-end solutions such as zkWASM prover as a service and smart contract owned, decentralized & dynamic web hosting, both secured the second place title.
OxFust, Tech Lead at Cashmere said:
Cora Protocol, Vyper Protocol, AltLayer, Realfevr, and all came in joint third place.
Zoe Wei, Senior Business Director at BNB Chain, said:
BNB Chain is a community-driven, decentralized and censorship-resistant blockchain, powered by BNB. It consists of BNB Beacon Chain and BNB Smart Chain (BSC), which is EVM compatible and facilitates a multi-chain ecosystem. It is the world’s largest smart contract blockchain in terms of transaction volume and daily active users. It has processed 3 billion transactions to date from 163 million unique addresses, bringing developers massive user access with ultra-low gas fees and zero downtime since inception. The ecosystem has more than 1,300 active dApps across multiple categories such as DeFi, Metaverse, blockchain games, NFT, and more.
Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | GitHub |
A new global builder's program will launch in january with the goal of attracting top talent.
BNB Chain, the world’s largest smart contract blockchain in terms of daily active users and, the Turkish learning platform for developing in Web3, announced they will be launching a comprehensive learning pathway for development on BNB Chain. Applications begin on Dec 15, 2022.
The free, nine-month training program will begin on January 13, 2023, and is open to both Web3 beginners and experts who want to build Dapps on BNB Chain. The program – which aims to onboard 10,000 developers globally – will provide guided support through cohort-based learning, office hours, mentoring support, a Discord server, and community networking. Those who complete the final project will have a chance to connect with the BNB Chain team and pitch their projects. They will then receive tailored support based on their needs.
Gwendolyn Regina, Investment Director at BNB Chain, said:
The program is aimed at not only developers already in the space but also at newcomers with Regina sharing that “our goal is to provide a key resource for both web2 and Web3 developers that want to accelerate their career in Web3 and build innovative and exciting dApps on BNB Chain.”
The need for Web3 talent is growing, with a near 400% growth in jobs related to cryptocurrency and blockchain last year, according to a LinkedIn study. This growth is shifting sentiment and increasing appetite for more Web3 education and support. Continuing on from the success of previous BNB Chain development courses and by making the program accessible to more people, Web3 projects will increase in quality and ultimately support the future of Web3.
Content modules will include cryptography, Web3 fundamentals, BNB Chain fundamentals, Solidity fundamentals, and program development on BNB Chain. Throughout the course, developers will work through real-life examples to create their own applications and smart contracts.
Gulcan Yayla, Co-founder and CEO of said:
The program is open for all developers globally that want to build on BNB Chain.
Applications open from December 15, 2022 and the programme will start on January 13th 2023 and run for nine months. Those wanting to join the program can sign up here, where they will need to verify their Proof of Concept (PoC), and successful projects will be evaluated by BNB Chain.
Previously known as the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), BNB Chain is a community-driven, decentralized, and censorship-resistant blockchain that is powered by Binance. It consists of BNB Beacon Chain and BNB Smart Chain, EVM compatible and facilitating a multi-chain ecosystem. Through the concept of MetaFI, BNB Chain aims to build the infrastructure to power the world’s parallel virtual ecosystem.
Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | GitHub | trains developers at scale and creates talent ecosystems for companies all over the world. Its online learning platform currently has 135,000+ developers, growing ~10% MoM. This is a great opportunity to onboard developers to Web3 with the right structure and support mechanisms. Since March 2022, has onboarded 8,000+ developers to Web3. It has also built partnerships with more than 30 university student clubs and many communities worldwide.
Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube |
Significant amounts of user funds have been flowing into Arbitrum, Aptos, Fantom, Thorchain and Ultron over the past 30 days.
A key metric for cryptocurrency investors is Total Value Locked (TVL), which is the amount of funds deposited into a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol. When TVL is increasing, it means that protocol — or collectively, an entire blockchain — is attracting more funds and can be a sign of user confidence and general bullishness.
In the past month, the TVL of hegemonic DeFi market leader Ethereum has essentially been flat. Here are five blockchains whose TVL has increased significantly during that time by as much as 36%.
Ethereum layer-two blockchain Arbitrum is one of the hottest ecosystems in crypto right now. Led by GMX and other DeFi protocols, the total TVL in the Arbitrum blockchain has increased by 31% in the past 30 days, according to DefiLlama.
Arbitrum, which uses Optimistic Rollup technology, now accounts for more than half of all TVL among layer-two protocols, according to L2BEAT.
The recent rise of Arbitrum is even more impressive, considering its TVL of $1.77 billion is by far the most among the blockchains we are highlighting in this story.
Fantom is the next-largest DeFi ecosystem on our list, with a total TVL of $660 million. Leading Fantom DeFi protocols include Geist Finance and SpookySwap.
In the past 30 days, Fantom’s TVL has increased by 11%. That’s the lowest on our list, but still outpaces the ~1% increase on Ethereum during that time.
Thorchain, which is designed to facilitate DeFi interactions among the major blockchains, has posted an impressive TVL increase of 23% in the past 30 days.
All of its $226 million in TVL is attributed to its Thorchain swap and exchange protocol.
Similarly, the Ultron blockchain is also focused on giving users access to DeFi options across major blockchains. Ultron is the biggest winner on our list, posting a 36% increase in TVL in the past month.
Ultron has $187 million in TVL in its staking and swap protocols.
One of the newest kids on the blockchain, Aptos has increased its TVL by 21% in the past 30 days. Aptos is the first blockchain-based on Facebook’s Move programming language and scrapped stablecoin project, Diem.
Launching two months ago, Aptos has nearly $50 million in TVL, with the top protocol being the AUX Exchange with $19 million in TVL. However, familiar face PancakeSwap is hot on AUX’s heels, increasing its TVL by 38% in the past seven days to stand at $15 million.
The price of Floki shot up by more than 20% in four hours after the memecoin was listed on OKX. To celebrate, the Vikings are hitting London!
Getting listed on a new Centralized Exchange (CEX) can be a coin toss for a token’s value, but in the case of Floki going live on OKX, everything’s coming up Vikings.
In the four hours after Floki announced the new listing on Twitter, the memecoin’s price shot up more than 20%.
Earlier, BSC News reported on the deal struck between Floki and OKX, where OKX would list the token if enough Floki supporters minted a free football NFT.
Of course, no Viking victory would be complete without a celebratory feast. On the heels of the OKX listing and to promote Floki’s Metaverse game Valhalla, the team has announced a new marketing campaign in London, to run from Dec. 19-Jan. 2.
To celebrate #Floki’s new #OKX listing and get the word out about our flagship #metaverse game #Valhalla, we’re returning to where our marketing adventure began and hitting the lights in London!
Floki began with a tweet from Elon Musk. When the billionaire announced he would name his Shiba Inu puppy Floki, it created a deluge of ‘Floki’ dogcoins. The most successful of these is Floki. Floki is currently the third most popular meme token on the market behind Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. It is backed by a community of committed enthusiasts and a strong marketing campaign.
Where to find Floki:
Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord
Buy Crypto with a bank transfer, credit or debit card, P2P exchange, and more. Not investment advice. All trading risk. Terms apply.
Buy Crypto with a bank transfer, credit or debit card, P2P exchange, and more. Not investment advice. All trading risk. Terms apply.
Buy Crypto with a bank transfer, credit or debit card, P2P exchange, and more. Not investment advice. All trading risk. Terms apply.
Buy Crypto with a bank transfer, credit or debit card, P2P exchange, and more. Not investment advice. All trading risk. Terms apply.


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