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Flipkart, India’s homegrown e-commerce marketplace, today announced a partnership with Nothing for the very first NFT drop at FireDrops. Flipkart customers who have pre-booked and subsequently purchased a Nothing phone during the pre-book sale period would be airdropped Nothing Community Dots, which will enable access to unlock special perks, including early access to new products and offline events.
The Community Dots is hosted on Polygon, the leading Web3 infrastructure enabling users to have a low carbon footprint minting experience. The Community Dot NFTs will be open to being redeemed by anyone who pre-ordered Nothing Phone (1) on Flipkart between July 12 to 18. Here’s how.
The partnership with Nothing constitutes a first and important milestone for FireDrops for this will set the stage for a reimagination of commerce and create experiences based on accessibility and value. It also aligns with Nothing’s vision to remove barriers between people and technology. The Nothing NFT Drop on FireDrops is powered by GuardianLink – an NFT ecosystem company enabling brands and artists to launch NFTs.
“We recently announced the Nothing Community Dots to create more meaningful connections with our community. This is a step further in that direction”, said Manu Sharma, VP and GM, Nothing India. He added, “We recently introduced Phone (1), our first smartphone and the gateway to future connected and open product ecosystem. Going forward, we also plan to make not just the phone category, but other ecosystem devices future-ready by enabling sustainable and secure access to Web3.”
FireDrops is Flipkart’s excursion into Web3. Earlier, with the launch of Flipkart Labs, the company announced its intention to explore NFT-related use cases to redefine the shopping experience of its users and incubate solutions at the intersection of technology and e-commerce. With FireDrops, Flipkart wants to bring the value of NFT and, by extension, Web3 to a wider audience.


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