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Prize Campaigns are raffles that provide NFT PowerUp holders the chance to win fantastic Web3 rewards, such as priceless NFTs like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, Crypto Punks, World of Women, and more.
Holding a PowerUp Original NFT, which enables you to buy an NFT ticket, enables community members to participate in the drawing (DoodleUp). Each Prize Campaign has a unique ticket and award for the prize. Most crucially, NFT PowerUp will draw winners using Chainlink VRF as a provably fair method. On, members can view the on-chain draw for the campaign.
Additionally, when the Prize Campaigns begin, the team will present evidence of ownership of the giveaway, where appropriate. All NFT prizes that members of the public will win have already been bought.
NFTs PowerUp Original
The users must possess PowerUp Original NFTs to participate in the Prize Campaigns. This is a collection of 5,555 original NFTs that children from different charities worldwide created by hand.
Every NFT has an infinite variety of alternating colors and patterns, each especially combined to produce lovely designs.
The original artwork is created by children of chosen charities worldwide and digitally transformed into one-of-a-kind NFT art. To guarantee that the advantages of Web3 reach these economically underserved places, a part of NFT revenues will be contributed to these charitable organizations.
You have the option to purchase an NFT ticket that enlists you in the Prize Campaign if you hold PowerUp Original NFTs. Additionally, you receive a portion of the profits from ongoing Prize Campaigns. Additionally, holders receive access to limited-edition NFT airdrops, and voting privileges in upcoming prize draws.
Pre-Sale Participate to Win
NFT PowerUp is for you if you’re interested in NFTs and want to buy blue-chip NFTs like Azuki, BAYC, and CryptoPunks. Join the pre-sale whitelist on Discord to be among the first to obtain the recently released Original. Make sure you link your wallet in time to mint your PowerUp Original NFTs because they will be minting them on their website on [date TBA]. When you mint your Original NFT, you’ll get access to discounted NFT ticket sales and a drawing for high-value NFT prizes.
Please sign up via the website for further details on how to take part in the pre-sale minting.


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