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July 18, 2022, 20 hours ago
news hard rock belladonna
“Heaven’s Hertz” is Italian rock band Belladonna’s new single, a collaboration with Dust-to-Digital-approved Sardinian vocal quartet, Tenore Su Remediu de Orosei.
Only one unique digital audio copy and one unique vinyl copy of “Heaven’s Hertz” will ever exist. The song’s NFT will be auctioned, and the auction winner will be the only person in the world that will own the NFT and the vinyl.
The auction winner will also be assigned 50% of the Master Rights of “Heaven’s Hertz”. This will grant the “Heaven’s Hertz” auction winner 50% of the Master synch fees that the song will ever earn if used in movies and trailers, plus its streaming/sales income, shall she/he decide to release it on Spotify/Apple Music etc. in collaboration with the band.
“Belladonna’s music has already been used in many international trailers and movies (Minions, Black Panther, Godless, Fantastic 4, Split, The Northman, and Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9 to name only a few), so it would not be shocking if ‘Heaven’s Hertz’ eventually ends up in a major trailer or movie,” says Belladonna’s Dani Macchi.

“Heaven’s Hertz” is written by Belladonna’s Luana Caraffa and Dani Macchi and it is  the Italian band’s second NFT single. Last year they made music business history by being the first artists in the world to auction an NFT that included a song’s Master Rights. Since then many other artists have followed suit, and many dedicated websites have started offering this revolutionary model.
“NFTs are a futuristic medium and we love contradictions, so for our second NFT we wanted to collaborate with the most archaic, earthy, traditional group out there, and we found it in the incredible Sardinian vocal quartet Tenore Su Remediu de Orosei!” adds Belladonna’s Luana Caraffa. “Those four boys are to be heard to be believed: with their voices they conjure up a truly primordial, timeless world.”

Tenore Su Remediu de Orosei is a vocal quartet formed in 2007 who sings in the cantu a tenòre style, a type of polyphonic folk singing characteristic of the Italian island of Sardinia. In 2018 a Tenore Su Remediu de Orosei video became viral all over the world after being shared by popular music website Dust-to-Digital. UNESCO has proclaimed the cantu a tenòre to be an example of intangible cultural heritage.
The “Heaven’s Hertz” auction winner will immediately be able to access the full-quality WAV file of the original Master of the song and the document that assigns her/him 50% of the song’s Master Rights. She/he will then be personally sent by the band the only existing 12″ vinyl copy of the single.
The auction for “Heaven’s Hertz” will take place between the 13th and the 27th of July on leading music NFT marketplace Onlymusix, here.
Watch a short video preview of “Heaven’s Hertz”:

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