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Due to some technicaly difficulties, both whitelist owners and the public will not be able to mint as scheduled. Kadokawa Gempak Starz is committed to addressing this and will share updates on the new time that whitelist owners and the public can mint. For updates, please follow:
KADOKAWA GEMPAK STARZ (KGS) is releasing a brand-new open-source intellectual property (IP) for Web5 (Web3 + Web2) called GIRYPTO, beginning with the launch of its multi-phase GIRYPTO NFT project today. With the release of this brand-new IP, KGS is adding value to the metaverse as it enters the world of blockchain technology.
What makes GIRYPTO so unique is that it is the comic industry’s first-ever open-source IP. Under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license agreement, as long as appropriate attribution is given, anyone and everyone is free to copy and redistribute GIRYPTO materials in any medium or format as well as remix, transform, and build upon them for any purpose, even commercially. KGS welcomes collaborators and partners to be part of this project as the company aims to develop GIRYPTO as a limitless Web5 (Web3 + Web2) IP together.
The GIRYPTO NFT project is the first of many GIRYPTO projects to be launched, with the GIRYPTO Fables NFT series set to be released to the public later tonight (11 November 2022) at 11:00 PM (GMT+08) Malaysian time. For those who have the Whitelist, they are entitled to the privilege to mint at 11:00 AM,(GMT+08) Malaysia time today (11 November 2022).
This NFT series features chibi (cute) drawings of GIRYPTO characters. It is a free-to-mint NFT series with 3,000 pieces up for grabs. Those interested are encouraged to get them as soon as they drop because the Fables series also functions as a mint pass for the GIRYPTO Epics NFT series which will be launched on 12 December 2022.
By contrast, the Epics series, which features the characters in their true form, only contains 999 pieces. KGS is also collaborating with renowned comic artists from Japan’s KADOKAWA CORPORATION to create crossovers that will be featured in some of its GIRYPTO NFTs, so fans are advised to stay tuned to the news on Girypto website.
Additionally, KGS is working on other projects under the GIRYPTO IP, collaborating with many famous artists and the subsidiaries under KADOKAWA CORPORATION, i.e. KADOKAWA TAIWAN CORPORATION (Taiwan), GUANGZHOU TIANWEN KADOKAWA (China), and KADOKAWA AMARIN (Thailand). Among the projects in the pipeline are GIRYPTO comics, webtoons, and novels. These are scheduled to make an appearance in 2023’s first quarter.
For more information, check out the GIRYPTO website
KADOKAWA GEMPAK STARZ is advancing from being Malaysia’s biggest comic and graphic novel publisher to becoming one of the world’s most prolific creators of creative content. With KADOKAWA CORPORATION’s 70-plus years of experience fueling its rise, KGS is positioned to grow into a broad-based media company boasting a diverse multiplatform portfolio, including webtoons, e-publications, animation, games, and other digital and multimedia content in addition to its comics, novels, and magazines. Today, KGS is entering the world of blockchain technology through various NFT projects and has much to offer the metaverse, specifically with the launch of its brand-new open-source IP and NFT project – GIRYPTO.
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