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by | Jul 21, 2022 | Adoption, Latest, NFTs
The Keru Project is a new digital tourism NFT project built on Tezos.
It allows users to prove the places they have visited with timeless NFT souvenirs which allow them to earn rewards, and support local communities.

The Keru Project is a new digital tourism NFT project built on Tezos, which represents a way to ‘…finance ecological, cultural and educational projects’, where both visitors, communities and tourism sites can all benefit.
Keru creates a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), so the users themselves decide the future direction of the project and which tourism/venue projects can get supported as it grows.
As users collect souvenir NFTs they also gain a right to vote to bring financial support to projects, bringing Web 3 innovations to a traditional Web 2 industry. 
This takes away the need for a third party to control an application and instead relies on all stakeholders within the tourism community.
This means visitors, tourist sites and travel enthusiasts can push forward developments, funding and integrations.
The approach helps to ensure that using the application helps support tourism and positive impact, rather than just one company.
It helps to connect an industry under one decentralized framework, which has silos in the form of many different apps and reward based systems.
 The Keru Project have chosen Tezos to launch on in order to ensure a positive impact as aligned with their values.
“We work with Tezos, the least carbon-emitting blockchain that uses only renewable energy to operate.”
Its application allows users to prove the places they have visited with timeless NFT souvenirs, which allow them to earn rewards, and join new communities.
As users visit different places and sites, they can scan a QR code to receive an NFT souvenir designed by an up and coming artist that proves that they have been there.
As it is an NFT (Non-fungible Token), it will be stored on the Tezos blockchain forever as a timeless stamp of authenticity.
The application and its use of blockchain and NFT technology means key benefits can be unlocked, which wouldn’t otherwise be present on traditional digital apps.
For Visitors:
For visitors it means one decentralized place where souvenir stamps can be recorded for many tourist locations, removing the need for many different applications taking up space and time. 
It means no more souvenir stamps that disappear, get lost, or ultimately expire.
It provides a fun way to collect unique, visually pleasing NFTs based on travel created by rising-talent artists, allowing travel enthusiasts to build collections as they explore the world and access great art in the process.
It means a convenient way to register visits via a simple QR code scan and the chance to gain rewards in the future such as loyalty discounts, experiences and special invitations all under one application.
For The Tourist Industry:
For the tourist industry, it means decentralized, easy verification of past visits.  
Partners of Keru can receive unique insights and analytics which help to provide unique and tailored souvenirs to their visitors.
Detailed analytics of real and proven souvenir interactions can help sites to better understand their audience and help make improvements for engagement.
For example, some tourism sites are quite large and souvenirs can be spread out over the venue or location to better understand how visitors experience their trips or rewarding them for visiting certain sections. 
It means the opportunity to integrate the app to encourage tourists to visit certain sites in order to receive rewards. This opens up the prospect of games, competitions and challenges taking people on a full journey during their visit.
It means that they can register visits to other sites on the permissionless blockchain for easy collaboration with alternative sites and venues or other commercial partnerships.
Imagine being able to prove that someone visited a different site not affiliated with yours, but based on that visit you can offer privileges to your site, enabling cross-community building and opportunities across the tourism industry.
Local, historic, educational, cultural and ecological attractions can also receive funding support from the application which is voted on by the DAO.
For Keen Travellers and Communities:

Keen travellers get to join a global community of like-minded individuals who can have a positive influence on tourism and the world.
Keru collectors will be able to vote through the DAO to choose which projects will be funded with the money raised. It can be projects related to education, ecology & culture all over the world.
The internet is plagued with fake reviews, and it’s hard to know which reviews are genuine.
For example, a company may pay for reviews, or even use bots. Maybe they want to write a review to discredit another site or place of interest without even visiting.
With Keru, visitors have proof of their visit on the immutable blockchain, which means the reviews can be trusted as ratings that have actually been based on a true visit.
For Artists:

Up and coming artists gain a chance to be featured and create unique NFTs for different sites around the world. The application gives them a platform to showcase their work, whilst helping the tourism industry and positive impact in the process.
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Lee was the Founder of TokenCrunch, a Tezos focused news website dedicated to the tokenized asset markets, which he left in late 2020 to help start XTZ News with other co-founders from different parts of the world. He has a Masters in Digital Marketing and has had a keen interest in the cryptocurrency space since 2015.
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