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To secure access tickets to certain matches, Lazio of Rome offers the NFT ticketing system implemented by Binance.
Founded in 1900, Italian football club Lazio is one of two Serie A (first division) Roman clubs sharing the Olimpico stadium, this one offering more than 70,000 seats, the other being AS Roma. He has won the Italian national championship twice and can boast of one of the largest fan bases in the country. But, like all football clubs and even other sports, Lazio is faced with various ticketing problems: counterfeiting of tickets, mass purchase of tickets with resale at exorbitant prices, the difficulty of controlling fluidity of tens of thousands of tickets before access to the stadium… In an attempt to solve these well-known problems, Lazio decided to embark on the experimentation of a ticketing system secured by NFT with Binance.
Now, if a supporter has an account on Binance, they will be able to purchase tickets for Series A matches as NFTs (non-fungible token). The purchase can be made in the official stores of Lazio, via social media and on the Binance Fan Token platform. This novelty is proposed as a test for the 2022-2023 season. Securing the banknote via blockchain prevents counterfeiting and unauthorized resale. The club also offers supporters opting for this possibility exclusive bonuses such as discounts on the Lazio shop and on Europa League matches. Binance offers an interface accessible to the general public and can therefore be used by Lazio supporters regardless of their digital appetite. Finally, holders of such tickets will be able to use faster access to the stadium on match days.
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