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Legendary Racers is a collection of 10,000 Unique Realistic NFTs stored on the Ethereum blockchain whose designs were created from over 270 traits made up through the amalgamation of a unique combination of underlying “DNAs”. 
The project is community-focused, allowing members to be a key part of the journey so that they can be instrumental in how it evolves. This collection of NFTs is just the start of the project, inviting the community to stick with them through this long and ambitious process. As the project continues to grow, more and more new features will be added, all based on the opinion of community members. 
The team behind the project has a passion for racecars, which is the source of how the idea originally came to be. At its core, the Legendary Racers team is made up of like-minded individuals who were able to form a large family in the Web3 world. 
This collection of NFTs was also created with the goal of assisting the team in building a large family that can help them create a metaverse which will revolutionize the entire racecar gaming industry. Through the project’s metaverse, they hope to bring together the physical world and the world of Web3 like never before.
Looking ahead, Legendary Racers certainly has some big plans in store, from creating this race car-themed NFT collection to building their own racing metaverse. 
This roadmap will commence when the project is sold out. Here are some more details about what the future holds for the project: 
Founder of Legendary Racers, Shaun ABDI, is an entrepreneur and race car enthusiast. ABDI has been tuning and designing racer cars for years to really make them stand out and pop. He created this collection from this love of racecars, bringing together his love of the physical and digital world in the process.      
ABDI’s other passion is Web3, and through this project, he plans to build a bridge between the physical world and the new decentralized internet using the project’s racing metaverse. 
And he has no plans of stopping after this NFT project. Instead, he plans to make his project a household name, building a brand that everyone is familiar with. He is currently in the process of seeking big names to get behind the project, to ensure that he gets as many eyes on his innovative ideas as possible.  
ABDI is focused on creating a family-centric community and building this project to reach new heights. His plans for the project have only just begun, and he plans on riding it out and pushing himself to create something entirely new that will truly shape the future of the racecar gaming industry.

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