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Limewire (if you don’t remember) was the go-to platform to download free songs, videos and images in the early 2000s. After being shut down 12 years ago, Limewire has been resurrected as a music NFT marketplace to offer an NFT vehicle for artists and fans, with the goal of bringing digital collectibles to everybody. 
Since its relaunch in May 2022 by entrepreneurs Paul and Julian Zehetmayr from Austria, Limewire has completed a $10.4M dollar token sale, a global deal with Universal Music Group, and partnerships with iconic artists including Travis Barker, Brandy, and the ever-so-fitting Soulja Boy.
“Our goal from the very beginning was to get the music industry and the NFT space together for the mainstream. We wanted to use Limewire’s well-known brand in the music space as a mainstream approach to mix both worlds of music plus the technical capabilities of NFTs.”
Feistl says that the new Limewire team had the idea of bringing the brand back last year. “We saw that a lot of people who used Limewire were deep in the crypto and NFT space. There was a natural overlap and the feedback has been astonishing.”
They have already partnered with a handful of big artists — including UK rapper Aitch who dropped his first NFT collection on Limewire last week — offering fans incredible IRL perks.
Just dropped my first ever NFT collection in celebration of ‘Close To Home’ on @limewire 🤘

🤯 This NFT drop is special and you could unlock lifetime experiences with me, show tickets, signed prints and more.

Get yours now 🙃
Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker’s Limewire NFTs will drop any day now, and Feistl says that they will offer fans a digital collectible and physical counterpart. “With Travis Barker’s collection, fans can not only get the NFT as a digital collectible animation of his drum set, but they can also get the actual physical drum set that Travis Barker is using to record his music,” shares the Limewire COO with Blockster. “I think this is a great combination of the physical benefits with the digital part of these NFTs.”
From artist meet n’ greets and lifetime concert tickets to backstage passes and in-studio listening sessions, Limewire NFTs bridge the gap between the digital and physical world, with the goal of connecting the mainstream to Web3.
To watch Limewire COO Marcus Feistl’s full interview on The Blockchain Hustler, click the video below.
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