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Marketing with NFTs is ploughing ahead, despite interest in NFTs falling, and crypto winter setting in.
Yet again, there’s another story about a big American brand getting on the NFT and Web3 train. Despite crypto winter, adoption of everything Web3 seems to be surging ahead.
An American company that manufactures hard tea is getting into the Web3 game.
Hard tea is iced tea – but with booze in it. It is reminiscent of a Long Island iced tea, sipped gently at Raffles Singapore. But, the hard tea in question here is in a can so you can take it to a park on an American National holiday, shoot guns in the air, and not have to remember your indoor manners. And that is pretty much everyone’s favorite sport.
Twisted Tea is one such brand of ‘hard tea.’ They have announced that they are launching their first NFT. They are doing this in collaboration with Sesame3, a web3 platform for brands.
Twisted Tea say their NFT “can be held, sold and purchased using traditional payment methods without a crypto wallet – making it one of the most accessible branded NFTs to hit the market.”
The company will give their first NFT to one superfan. This superfan will get their face pasted on the label of 100 million Twisted Tea cans. While this sounds wildly horrifying to introverts, extroverts will thrive in the limelight.
Fans can click here to upload their shiny little faces and tell the company why they should win.  Once the winner activates the NFT, they can sell said NFT and get whatever profits come from it.  Whoever holds the NFT on November 1st or February 1st will also get their face on the label.
Erica Taylor is the brand director for Twisted Tea. “While we might not know a whole lot about NFTs, we do know our fans are sure to go wild for a chance to get their face on millions of Twisted Tea labels. Partnering with the NFT experts at Sesame3, we’re excited to celebrate our community in a totally new space.”
Since 2007, Twisted Tea has put pictures of customers’ faces on the labels of its drinks. They say they receive 1,000 photo submissions each month.
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Nicole Buckler has been working as an editor and journalist for over 25 years, writing from Sydney, Melbourne, Taipei, London, and Dublin. She now writes from the crazy-amazing Gold Coast in Australia. Nicole first bought Bitcoin in 2013 not really understanding what she was doing. She is an accidental HoDLer.
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