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The social media company Meta (formerly known as Facebook) now lets its users post their NFTs on its primary social media platform. It has introduced an NFT option displayed on the dashboard of its website. Meta’s product manager, Navdeep Singh confirmed the launch of this new NFT feature on July 1st 2022. 
Incorporating NFTs into the platform will allow users to link their digital wallets to their Facebook profiles and display their NFTs to their followers. Allowing users to engage with these NFT posts the same way they engage with other posts; liked, shared, commented on and reacted to.
This is a significant step in the widespread adoption of NFTs because of Facebook’s popularity. Facebook, Meta’s primary social network, has about 1.62 billion daily users. By launching this new feature, Meta is increasing awareness and making NFTs easily accessible to all their users. This news comes as Degrain, the most exciting NFT project of 2022, launches its presale.
Degrain will drive an NFT revolution
Degrain is an NFT protocol that will launch this year and allow users to display, store, and trade their NFTs. Unlike most mainstream NFT marketplaces, Degrain will have cross-chain capabilities enabling users to trade their NFTs across different blockchain networks. The developers of the project have recently launched the presale of the Degrain token (DGRN). Investors have started buying millions of tokens of this highly anticipated token because they believe in the project and its utilities, with 11 million tokens sold within the first 60 seconds.
In addition to its interoperability, Degrain will reward traders who sell their NFTs, and buyers. The Web3 platform offers lower trading fees than other NFT marketplaces and pays royalties for further resales of sold items. This payment will be passive income for NFT creators, incentivising them to create more NFTs and trade them on the marketplace. Degrain aims to give users maximum value for their money and foster a sustainable Web3 community. 
Furthermore, Degrain will support the creation of NFT communities so people interested in the same NFT can network. This feature can be used by real-world companies that want to launch marketing campaigns. They would be able to create communities of people interested in their products or services. 
Degrain will be the first NFT protocol to work with real-world companies on and share this revenue with its investors.
Degrain’s utilities have already caught the attention of investors and with its unique features, we find it hard to see how it will not be a market-leading NFT protocol in the future. Considering Degrain has just launched its presale, it is still extremely early and could be a life-changing investment opportunity for investors.
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