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MGM Resorts International and its Mandalay Bay, Aria, and Bellagio resort and casino properties in Las Vegas have filed trademark applications for NFTs, and virtual assets including hotels & casinos, slot machines, concerts and clothing, which could be used in the metaverse.
According to Michael Kondoudis, a Trademark and Patent Attorney in the U.S., the NFTs and metaverse applications were filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on July 29 by Mandalay Bay, LLC.; Mirage Resorts, LLC.; MGM Resorts International Corp. and CityCenter Land, LLC; under serial number 97526941.
The applications cover virtual casino chips, gaming tables and slot machines; virtual environments for casino services; virtual environments in which users can visit resort hotels, casinos, nightclubs, bars, restaurants and spas; NFTs for digital media; virtual concerts and shows in connection with a virtual resort hotel or casino; and virtual clothing, footwear, headwear, eyewear, bags.
Kondoudis said that all these resorts and casinos have discovered the ability of NFTs and the metaverse and therefore, have prepared themselves for the upcoming virtual economy. 
The owners of the #BELLAGIO, #ARIA, #MANDALAYBAY, and #MGM resorts and casinos have filed trademark applications for:
▶️ NFTs
▶️ Virtual concerts
▶️ Virtual slot machines
▶️ Virtual hotels + casinos
▶️ Virtual clothing, footwear#NFT #Metaverse #Web3 #LasVegas #Casino #Gambling
Back in March, MGM Resorts launched Las Vegas' first-ever NFT-enabled live performance experience for world-famous dance crew Jabbawockeez' newest production, TIMELESS. In partnership with NFT company YellowHeart, MGM Resorts developed the Jabbawockeez White Glove NFT Ticket Collection to deliver a new immersive fan experience.
MGM's move follows Circa Resorts & Casino Las Vegas' announcement in March to become the first Las Vegas resort to debut an NFT to the blockchain with a utility NFT art collection. The casinoi's flagship kicking cowgirl neon sign, Vegas Vickie, was painted by renowned artist Jason “Borbay” Borbet. This will serve as the foundation for the NFT. The neon portrait – which was live painted at Circa throughout the month of February – now lives in the property's rooftop lounge, Legacy Club and is placed next to a QR code that leads to the NFT landing page with additional details.
DraftKings is another major gambling operator that has recently invested in NFTs.
In June, Gaming and sports betting consultancy SCCG Management announced a partnership with US-based consulting firm J2M to provide consulting services in the areas of games, esports, and metaverse to the casino gaming industry and its B2B suppliers.


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