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We know that the crypto market moves fast, comes with fresh and exciting new options, and some quick decisions need to be made regarding your buying and trading. Your portfolio can go from healthy to hemorrhaging in no time at all.
So here are a couple of things you need to keep an eye on right now and a couple of expert predictions going forward.
There are some big names to look out for, up-and-comers, and some making moves. Let’s take a look.
In the last 24 hours (9th November 2022), MINA has seen a price dump of -12.98%, which, although veteran crypto buyers and traders will be used to, those who are new to it might get worried. There are some healthy predictions for MINA, though. It is expected that MINA Protocol will see $2.19 before the end of 2022. However, that is a far cry from the ATH, which was in June 2021, where it was $9.09.
MINA is still a relatively new coin without too much of a track record to make solid predictions with. However, it has been shown that it is 100% reliable up until now, and one of the things that make it so desirable for buyers is that it is not hungry (relatively) and operates at a light 22kb.
While the market over the last week proved bearish, the remaining portion of the year looks to be bullish and most likely will be the long-term view into 2023.
Current circulation: $735322741.84
Nexo has been hailed as next-level banking, and like the big names before it, it has been backed by those in the know. We know confidence in the blockchain is at an all-time high, and NEXO is a unique offering.
NEXO supports crypto assets and can leverage an instant loan in over 45 fiat currencies. In the last 24 hours (9th November 2022), NEXO had a price dump of -10.10%. If the market does remain bullish as predicted in 2023, then there is a high possibility that NEXO will reach $4.70.
NEXO is popular because it is fiat-friendly, and you can retain control over your crypto and get benefits with zero requirements to sell.
By 2024 the expected high could be $5.97.
Current circulation: $560000010.01
PAX Gold sees some significant pump; within the last 24 hours (9th November 2022), an increase of 2.67% is in play. This heavy-hitting currency will likely see $2088.21 before the end of 2022 and a very exciting increase year on year until a high of $6204.26 by 2033.
Considering that PAX Gold is a commodity-back gold stablecoin, it has the support of healthy gold markets. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, PAX gets its value from the asset it’s pegged to, not the supply and demand we see in most other markets.
In March 2022, i2 was reported by several media outlets that PAXG, based on the price prediction, was going to be a good investment for those who wanted to widen their portfolio and have something dependent on asset price.
Anyone who opts to invest in PAXG should keep an eye on Paxo’s monthly reports to ensure it is 100% backed by gold bars. Buyers love PAXG because it is highly liquid and is like owning gold in token form.
Current circulation: $301512.60
For those who are not familiar with Big Eyes coins, they are one of the front runners in the so-called cute coins. While meme coins like DogeCoin and the originals like Ethereum Bitcoin and having strong track records, cute meme coins are seeing millions of dollars in backing. Big Eyes is currently on its 6th round of presale (as of 9th November 2022) and has not officially launched.
BIG has raised $9.71million, and each stage is selling out faster than the last. Experts have predicted that BIG might be the world’s biggest meme coin (once it goes live) – but its competitor Toon.Finance is seeing higher coverage and a faster buy-out on presales.
Alongside the regular crypto, Big Eyes are serving up the Big Eyes Sushi Crew NFTs. Crypto economists have stated that Big Eyes offers an interesting opportunity because they are in the presale and they are a low-risk option for many buyers. SOL – Solana – is another coin that is getting a lot of coverage and is reported to be the ‘Ethereum Killer.’
Toon Finance is exciting in more ways than one, and if there is anything that could be the DOGE killer, Toon would be it. Recent coverage includes, which stated that Toon.Finance is a Defi disrupter.
Like Big Eyes, Toon.Finance is in the presale stages; unlike Big Eyes, TFT offers a more interactive and gamified way to gain crypto. Play-to-earn is starting to gain more and more traction, and gaming and crypto make the perfect companions.
Toon’s strength lies in their team and the idea and research that went into the preparation for launching. You can earn from PVP, Player BattleGrounds, and the leaderboard system. Not to mention that there will be NFT airdrops too.
The Toon.Finance presale has blown past Big Eyes Coin and Tamadoge. One of the newest DOGE coins on the block, TAMA, has been incredibly successful, but the community is uneasy after the extensions for release. In comparison, TFT snagged over $2m and will be airdropping NFT goodies for the first 10,000 members.
The success of Toon Finance, even when pitched against other meme cryptos, is based on the huge NFT drop.
One of the biggest benefits of joining the presale is the low-risk entry and, most often, being able to take advantage of the bonus offers – like the big NFT drops. TFT is also on the DEX, which means it is there to cater to its investors with a low-cost high-security way of handling transactions.
Toon is offering one of the biggest presales of 2022 and something that isn’t your average cryptocurrency.
Toon Finance Protocol / ToonFi Telegram / Toon Finance Presale / Toon Finance Twitter

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