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Jun 16, 2022, 09:02 ET
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NEW YORK, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ClubRare is making a huge splash in the NFT world by bringing it to the mainstream. The NFTs aren’t just digital goods, but represent ownership of a real-world authenticated collectible. These NFTs are traded in the ClubRare collector-focused economy, and brought to life in the Metaverse.
Industry analysts have repeatedly observed that merging the physical with the digital is the next huge boom in crypto and metaverse investment.
There’s never been a better time to dive into Web3, as ClubRare brings real-world value to NFTs.
At the core of ClubRare Universe is the $MPWR token, set to be one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies on the market, providing huge rewards for those who join the ClubRare mission in this early launch stage.
ClubRare has formed an official partnership with The Sandbox, a global metaverse platform. The Sandbox is a metaverse platform that grew rapidly in 2021 to sales of over $144 Million. With over 500,000 users and 12,000 land owners, The Sandbox is becoming a household name.
Through this partnership, ClubRare collectors and creators will see their NFTs come to life within The Sandbox. The two projects will work closely to publish limited-edition products on the ClubRare platform and allow players to freely use them on The Sandbox’s Metaverse platform. In addition, a ClubRare metaverse storefront will be opened in The Sandbox.
Open until June 25th, all 861,400+ users who have traded on OpenSea’s smart contract prior to January 1 2022 are eligible for this AirDrop of up to 75 $MPWR.
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The hub of ClubRare Universe is ClubRare Marketplace, a decentralized community-owned NFT trading platform for both digital and physical goods. The team has innovated a logistics, shipping, and collectible authentication system. Collectors can purchase real-world exclusive merch, and see their IRL closet replicated in the metaverse with NFT-based digital goods.
For The Creators
By staking $MPWR, Creators on ClubRare Marketplace can unlock reduced or no-fee NFT trading and take advantage of ClubRare’s premiere shipping and authentication solutions with major discounts. $MPWR holders can also launch their products in special ClubRare auctions, apply for grants, and pursue crowdfunding.
For The Collectors
$MPWR will be used as the official currency of ClubRare Metaverse. In a collector’s dedicated showcase area, they can use $MPWR to personalize their space, equip their avatars, join guilds, and battle for exclusive access to real-world limited merch. Every $MPWR token spent on in-universe purchases is burned forever.
For The Community
$MPWR is fairly launched, fairly run, and shares profit to holders. There are no private sales. When creators list NFTs, and when Collectors buy and sell them, they earn $MPWR. 10% of the entire token pool is reserved for staking rewards. Community members can provide liquidity, stake LP NFTs, and earn up to 180% APR.
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The premiere membership NFT of ClubRare Universe, Lazy Leo Club is home to 10,000 unique NFTs that grant special powers and abilities in ClubRare Marketplace and ClubRare Metaverse.
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As the governance token for ClubRare Universe, AGOV allows holders to steer the future of metaverse development and NFT trading. By working with creators and collectors to innovate in the collector economy, everyone is rewarded.
As the governing body of ClubRare Universe, AGOV DAO members enjoy exclusive access to physical and digital assets released by creators. DAO members will cooperate to increase overall economic value, conduct buybacks, and act as a thinktank for the future of ClubRare.
AGOV DAO will also issue sponsorship to creators to kickstart their growth potential, and facilitate exciting opportunities for the community of collectors.
The ClubRare team will be convening in NYC on June 20-23 for NFT.NYC conference, as platinum sponsor. The team will be revealing a huge brand partnership, giving away $MPWR, and featuring an exclusive auction.
On June 23, ClubRare will host the afterparty, post NFT.NYC. At this invite-only event, attendees will hear from established and rising voices in web3, and benefit from a wealth of experience across e-commerce and metaverse.
ClubRare Universe is an ecosystem of Web3 products built with and for a thriving community of collectors, bridging from the metaverse to the physical world.
There’s never been a better time to join. Get started in the new economy with $MPWR.
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