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Tom Brady’s Web3 brand Autograph – a company that uses NFT technology to connect fans with sports and entertainment icons – has introduced a new interactive program called Signature Experiences. The new offering bridges the physical and digital worlds with an exclusive sports fan experience.
“Signature Experiences is an interactive program powered by Web3/NFT technology that rewards fans over an extended period of time with unprecedented access to exclusive events, hyper-limited digital and physical items, and invite-only content and communication channels,” said Patrick Cassidy, chief marketing officer of
The new offering kicks off with Tom Brady's Signature Experience – a seven month program in which 2,500 fans can buy a dynamic NFT, which serves as a ticket to digital and physical world experiences for the season. Every week, the NFT will be updated based on the results of Brady's performance after every Tampa Bay game. NFT owners will receive "milestone" NFTs every time Tom breaks a record or blows minds on the field. 
Physical experiences include invites to in-person watch parties during the season in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Boston, as well as a ticker to an end of season party in Tampa with Brady in person. Digital content includes access to live streams, behind-the-scenes content and direct access to experts. For example, NFT owners will be able to live chat with NBC Sports' fantasy sports commentator Matthew Berry to get fantasy sports advice before games.
The new experiences target hardcore NFT and web3 consumers, as well as Tom Brady and football super fans. “One of our stated goals is to bring the Web3/NFT offering to the mainstream,” said Cassidy. “Tom is one of the most popular athletes of all time – getting the product and opportunity in front of as many of those true fans is the task at hand with this campaign. We are introducing our brand and our offering to a massive amount of people who are not Web3 experts, and who, while maybe curious about NFTs, are not necessarily actively seeking this type of product as part of the way they are going to experience this season as a fan.”
This new experience comes after a year of Autograph dropping NFT collections for partners including: Tiger Woods, Rafa Nadal, Simone Biles, Tony Hawk, Usain Bolt, Derek Jeter, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., and The Weeknd. Each drop sold out within minutes of being made available. The new physical experience offering comes out of learnings from the last year.
“Over the last year we have really listened to what our community wants. Yes, they want the prime digital offering that originally brought them to Autograph, but they also really want to be able to leverage those NFTs to provide access to things like IRL events where they can gather together as a community,” said Cassidy. Our Discord is full of activity 24/7 with members engaging with each other all day, every day. They have forged friendships virtually. They know about each other's personal lives, their jobs, their vacations, their likes and dislikes. By offering watch parties and a major end-of-season event where all 2,500 holders are invited to come together in Tampa, it gives this community a chance to strengthen those bonds face-to-face, all built around their shared love of Tom Brady and Autograph.” 


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