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Are you looking to harness the power of NFT growth to hopefully lead your portfolio to success? While NFTs might not have had as strong a 2022 as they did in 2021, they’re still extremely popular in certain sections of the crypto space. And experts still think they have a bright future. Recently, some NFT analysts have predicted the next big coins to grow off the back of the NFT movement, and they could be great additions to your portfolio. Not all of these have NFTs as the only focus of their projects, but all of them have managed to either grow or show potential thanks to the growth in popularity of NFTs themselves. Let’s have a look at a few options that NFT analysts really like the look of right now:
Uniglo makes use of NFTs alongside a range of other assets in an incredibly unique way, and one that returns tons of value back to investors. Especially early investors who get in at the ground up and snap up discount prices that are currently available during pre-sale.
Uniglo uses a unique vault of investments to help shore up its price and provide a strong store of value. It can be considered like a true gold standard and value-peg, something fiat currencies lost long ago. This makes GLO unique and arguably stronger than actual fiat currencies as a strong deflationary store of value. The GLO vault itself is made up from a diversified range of assets that include NFTs themselves alongside cryptos, collectibles, actual digitized gold and even fine art and whiskey. These investments are completely diversified and not reliant on the overall price of any one instrument, unlike much of the market that tends to follow the gains and dips of Bitcoin itself. While the GLO vault may include BTC, it won’t be enough to shape the success of GLO itself. And users get full DAO votes on every major decision, including vault purchases, so you have complete say in the future of the system.
GLO’s deflationary measures are added to by its compelling dual-burn mechanism which continues to reduce supply and become more scarce over time. This makes it the perfect answer to the globe’s current inflation issues, and sets GLO up for strong successes in the future.
Spookyswap recently released a range of NFTs, but is also the largest DEX on the Fantom blockchain. This gives users an easy way to swap tokens and earn an income from their holdings, and is still recommended by all sorts of investment experts.
CryptoPunks is a unique collection of NFTs and collectibles that have proof of ownership in the Ethereum blockchain. It’s one of the key players in the future of NFTs, and still ranks highly as a credible investment.
GLO has the potential to surpass a number of other options as it becomes key in the future of the crypto scene. That’s why experts recommend it for your portfolio right away.
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