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Metaversal is a Bankless newsletter for weekly level-ups on NFTs, virtual worlds, & digital collectibles
Dear Bankless Nation,
The NFT analytics space has come a long way in short order. 
A few years ago this sector didn’t exist, yet now there are over 50 projects building out analytics platforms that specifically cater to the needs of NFT traders. 
Don’t have time to try them all, though? 
No worries! I went through every one I could find to determine which were the best. For today’s Metaversal, let’s go through my picks for the top NFT analytics platforms around in case you want to try them, too. 
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🔍 Nansen 
🍀 Lucky Trader 
👨‍💻️ NFTScan
↪️ Flips.Finance
🏰 Watchtower
💥 PopRank
August 24th 2022
Best features: Smart Money Tracker (for tracking the best NFT traders) and Mint Master (for finding strong new mints)
Pricing: Nansen Lite gives you basic access to the platform’s NFT Market Overview dashboard for free; premium memberships offer many additional features and start at $89 a month (billed annually). 
tl;dr: In my opinion, Nansen’s NFT Paradise dashboard is the best NFT analytics suite in the cryptoeconomy today. The Smart Money and Mint Master features are great for helping you interpret and convert on-chain NFT activities into actionable alpha. Moreover, Nansen goes beyond NFTs in offering DeFi and DAO analytics tools, so its range is considerably larger than conventional NFT analytics platforms. 
August 24th 2022
Best feature: NFT Alerts
Pricing: The Icy Lite membership tier is free and offers access to trending NFT stats, real-time minting data, and more; Icy Premium starts at $62 and allows for the creation of custom collection watchlists and wallet alerts.
tl;dr: Now an arm of QuickNode, is a platform designed to help traders easily track and set alerts around notable trending NFT info. You can use the service to set up alert notifications through your browser, Discord, Telegram, and beyond. 
Best features: NFT Sniping Tool, NFT Drop Schedule
Pricing: Free!
tl;dr: Lucky Trader offers an NFT Project Rankings dashboard for tracking basic NFT stats along with a handful of interesting features. The project’s Sniping Tool lets you easily find NFTs that have been listed below their current trait floor value, while the Drops Schedule let’s you quickly review upcoming NFT mints of note. 
Best features: Support for multiple chains, NFT Marketplace stats
Pricing: Free!
tl;dr: NFTScan is like the Etherscan block explorer but specifically specialized for NFTs. If you need help parsing data around an NFT transaction, NFTScan is a great starting point. It also offers support for many chains beyond just Ethereum. 
September 1st 2022
Best features: Market Pulse, Project Comparisons
Pricing: Many features are free, but a Flips Pro membership tier is offered for additional benefits (the current floor for a Flips Gold Pass is ~0.27 ETH).
tl;dr: Flips.Finance offers all the traditional collection ranking stats you’d expect. Additionally, the platform has unique features like the Market Pulse, which tracks percentage changes in floor prices, listings, and volume across the entire NFT space, and the Research hub, where you can compare NFT projects side by side or review their estimated revenues to date. 
September 1st 2022
Best feature: NFT Feed
Pricing: Free!
tl;dr: does a little bit of everything. You can customize your feed to track NFT stats you’re interested in, monitor your portfolio, buy listed NFTs, and see trending metrics all from one platform. Best of all, Flip’s also available for Android and iOS devices so you can keep tabs on everything while you’re on the go. Just keep in mind that the project’s still in beta for now. 
August 12th 2022
Best features: Live (listings, mints, and sales data in a one-stop hub), Communities (track what popular NFT communities are collecting)
Pricing: Watchtower can be surfed in Demo Mode for free, though all the data displayed is 24 hours old; for access to real-time data, premium memberships start at 0.1 ETH a month.
tl;dr: While you’ll need a premium account to make the most of Watchtower, the platform is great for customizing the experience around how you analyze and track the NFTs you’re interested in. The project’s labeling system also helps you surface notable insights quickly from the ever expanding sea of NFT data. 
August 2nd 2022
Best feature: Aesthetic Rankings (e.g. RareApepeYachtClub example)
Pricing: Free!
tl;dr: PopRank goes where other NFT analytics don’t in offering aesthetic rankings, which it accomplishes through a ranking game where users pick out which NFTs they think look best from a collection. Accordingly, this platform lets you easily analyze what collectors are appreciating visually in a given collection. 
I expect the NFT analytics scene will continue to grow rapidly over the coming years. As more and more NFT activity moves to mobile devices, it’s likely that mobile-centric analytic projects like Ninjalerts will become increasingly popular. 
Also, another trend I suspect we’ll see is more analytics projects starting to focus on providing collector insights like Bello is doing rather than pure market insights like most other services focus on. 
August 5th 2022
🔭 Check out Nansen,, Lucky Trader, and the other top NFT analytics platforms 
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William M. Peaster is a professional writer and creator of Metaversal—a Bankless newsletter focused on the emergence of NFTs in the cryptoeconomy. He’s also recently been contributing content to Bankless, JPG, and beyond!
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