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Intergovernmental Blockchain Expert | Best Selling Book Author
Crazy headlines saying that the total sales volumes of NFTs have plunged more than 90 percent. The next thing I remember, I had to launch my book “NFT: From Zero to Hero by Anndy Lian” in August.

When the idea was mooted, one common question is: Why launch it now? It’s the bear market. In all truth, I did not have the time to finish the book during the bull run, and since I did not have the time to test out the tools that are on the market, it is hard for me to choose what to recommend. Therefore the bear market is the best timing for me. I had time to complete the book, test out more tools that were recommended by my community and make plans for the book.

I did not really care what the book sales were going to be like in the very beginning. I only want to share knowledge with the community at large. When my team members told me that I should also worry about sales. I had a great idea of collaborating with projects and maybe a few meme coins to make things fun. There were many interests when I spoke to them, some wants a special cover, and others want to launch a collection together. 99 percent of them did not follow through. The typical- all talk, no action. This did not stop me.

Of course, some of them came around eventually. These are the wonderful people who made my book cover, song album cover, music production, NFTs, and all. I will be always grateful to those who have helped.

The book went on even better with the help of Bybit NFT Marketplace. After much shopping around and offers from various exchanges, I have chosen Bybit. They are willing to help and run the extra mile. I ended up being the first launch on their new program called GrabPic. Zero to Hero is also the first NFT book that launched on any exchange NFT marketplaces. Looking through the listings, I am also possibly the first who listed using a real profile picture.

The launch went well too. All the NFTs were sold out. All 8,000 of them were bought in the first minute. Pricing seems to be just right- $2.99 for a book with benefits. I did not want to sell the books at a very high price. As a book author, I would like to have more people reading the book, share my knowledge and have fun.

The fun part can come in many ways.

It can be having fun creating and minting your own NFTs.

It can be spotting the next big thing in the market.

Or using Bybit’s merge function to get you more gifts and benefits.

The book talks about all you need to know. There are interesting trends that you should really look out for, tools, and useful platforms that you need to check out. At the end of the book, I shared some insights into the future of NFTs.

You can find out more about the book atBybit NFT marketplace for now. The book will be available in major online bookstores in the coming months. I will be sharing more about the book and its activities on Hackernoon. Thanks again for all the support.
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