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NFT Studios and its film production subsidiary KinoDAO are launching an exclusive range of ‘Kino Pass’ NFTs. The web3 film production company is the creation of Niels Juul, the Hollywood executive producer behind Martin Scorsese’s epic films The Irishman and Silence. With 500 NFTs, Kino Pass aims to democratize the film industry and allow fans to participate in film production. The NFTs are now available to mint via the Kino DAO website and costs 0.3 ETH.
An exciting vision for the future of film in Web3, NFT Studios wants to change consumers’ role in the entire process. Because this is the first NFT Studios collection, Kino Pass holders will benefit hugely from joining early. In addition, there are three levels of rarity in the exclusive drop. 
The KinoDAO ticket allocation is random and varies between gold, silver and general admission. Randomization provides an equal opportunity for everyone and ensures that all pass holders have the chance to benefit from the super rare rewards on offer. 
For example, General admission NFT ticket holders will receive benefits such as free movie tickets and entry to afterparties at film festivals like the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. At the same time, Gold tickets might provide the opportunity to participate in red carpet events and star in a cameo role in a future NFT Studios KinoDAO film.
Overall, the rewards could include – 
The Kino Pass drop will provide funding and stability for NFT Studios’ first production, ‘A Wing and a Prayer’. The film is a beautiful, warming, comedic drama focusing on Brian Milton. He was the first man to circumnavigate the world in an ultralight aircraft in 1998.
Niels Juul, the co-founder of NFT Studios, said, “We are thrilled to release the Kino Pass, our first-ever NFT collection, designed to reward our earliest supporters with benefits that won’t be available in any future collections. From priority access to our future mints to the opportunity to win weekly prizes, holders of our Kino Pass NFTs will have an exclusive opportunity to be part of each stage of the film production process.”
Significantly, Kino Pass holders will also receive governance tokens called $KINO that link to their KinoDAO ticket NFTs. Basically, these allow holders to vote on issues within the KinoDAO.
Some of the critical areas that will need discussing will include creative decisions. This could consist of film scripts and other aspects relating to film production. Furthermore, holders will also have to vote on the running on the KinoDAO, such as management, treasury and overall governance.
The plan is to revolutionize the film industry using the DAO and NFTs. NFT Studios wants to create a healthy community of film lovers and web3 enthusiasts. They want to encourage people from all backgrounds to join. Finally, they have even created a ‘how to guide’ to help people understand what they are doing.
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James is an English teacher and freelance writer with a passion for NFTs, football, film and technology.

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