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Digital art platform ArtToken said Thursday it has partnered with Samsung Electronics to provide non-fungible token art contents on Samsung’s smart televisions.
Customers will now be able to purchase, store and view NFT artworks from home through Samsung’s smart televisions. ArtToken’s NFT platform will be connected to Samsung’s smart hub through a smart TV application, the company said.
The app was showcased at Europe’s largest home appliances tech show IFA 2022, held in Berlin between Sept. 2 and 6.
“The best way to simply display a TV’s technological superiority is to realistically express natural landscapes or artworks digitally,” said a Samsung official.
“We decided to include the NFT art platform as we thought adding a premium image to artworks would be the most effective way to market expensive premium TVs,” the official added.
“ArtToken’s new NFT TV app, which was developed based on Samsung’s expanded Smart Things platform, is an innovative solution which allows consumers to enjoy NFTs in a new and more open way while expanding TV use as a personalized multi-device experience,” said ArtToken CEO Hong Ji-sook.

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