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Over the past few months, Nothing has successfully created a buzz around its first smartphone which is coming out on July 12, 2022. With the Nothing Ear (1) launch last year, the company was able to impress quite a lot of users around the world. The earphones flaunt a unique design and offer features like wireless charging and ANC. This year, the early Nothing fans are looking forward to the Phone 1. However, amidst the hardware released, Carl Pei’s company has released something that might not be of great use- a non-fungible token. 
Apparently, the consumer tech startup has dropped what is called the Nothing Community Dot NFT. Essentially, the NFT is a video that contains a transparent rotating cube. Inside the cube, there is a black sphere that bounces off its walls while making a sound. As the cube rotates, it creates some interesting light reflection patterns. A still image of the Nothing Community Dots NFT, as shared by the company on its official Twitter handle, is given below. 
Introducing Black Dot NFT.
From July 5 onwards, the Nothing Community Dots NFT is available to be redeemed by community investors. To redeem their NFT, community investors have to register on As they register, Nothing will airdrop their NFT in their accounts in a couple of days. Although, the last date to register and get an NFT is August 13, 2022. Further, the company is also offering an NFT to those who pre-ordered the Phone 1. Such customers can also head over to the website on July 12 and register to get their NFT airdropped. 
As of today, the Nothing Community Dots NFT is listed on OpenSea, one of the largest NFT marketplaces there is. The current price of the NFT, as mentioned on OpenSea, is 0.21 ETH, which is roughly about Rs. 20,000. More details as to how customers and investors can put the NFT to use should be detailed in the coming days. Stay tuned for more updates related to Nothing and other tech news. 


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