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It wasn’t long ago that Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) were considered hot stuff. Fast forward to current times, and the digital assets have exhausted their 15 minutes of fame. As the value of NFTs plummets, Carl Pei-backed Nothing has decided to jump on the bandwagon with its Black Dot NFTs.
If you’re someone who didn’t buy into the NFT hype, you’re not alone. Most of Nothing’s followers, fans, and enthusiasts waiting for the Phone 1 aren’t too happy about the direction the company is taking. After the startup announced its new NFT giveaway, comments have been pouring in on the company’s social media handles with confused and negative reactions.
Essentially, Nothing’s NFT is a video clip with a rotating cube featuring a black dot. Oh! And it also makes a sound. If you’re into that kind of thing and are a Nothing community investor, you can get this NFT for free and reportedly redeem it for things like early access to products or events. Once the NFTs are released on July 7, the company will also open up sales to the public on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. But why? — Is a question fans are asking.
Comments on Nothing’s announcement show that some people are immediately put off by the whole scheme.
“Just give chargers inside the box instead of this,” wrote a Twitter user. Another said, “Okay….as soon as I saw NFT, my interest just dropped.”
More such comments follow Nothing’s Twitter announcement thread.
“People don’t want this because it’s not related to the phone at all. Please give something related to the phone,” said a follower.
“I am disappointed. It would have been better if just sold that cube than an NFT,” read another comment.
Some folks are also questioning Nothing’s carbon footprint. NFT sales can consume a lot of energy, and Nothing has branded itself as a sustainable brand till now. Those two things are creating a clash in people’s minds.
“Company goes out of its way to show off that it’s environmentally friendly then starts doing NFTs,” notes a Twitter user.
As per Decrypt, Polygon is the blockchain Nothing is using for its NFT. To make a point about the wastefulness of NFTs, a user pointed out the platform’s yearly energy consumption as per its own website.
What are your thoughts on Nothing NFTs? Are you an early investor or someone who pre-booked the Nothing Phone 1? Would you rather have received something else? Drop us a comment below and tell us what you think.


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