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Using a technique he has perfected over thousands of surfboards, Danny Hess makes the most beautiful, sustainable wooden surfboards in the world.
US Jobless Claims Rise Again, Near Highest Since November
OPEC Sees Global Oil Market Tipping Into Surplus This Quarter
Disney+ Raises Streaming Price by 38%, Offers Plans With Ads
MercadoLibre Eyes More Investments in Credit Business, CFO Says
Top China Chipmaker Defies US Sanctions With Earnings Beat
Boris Johnson Meets Energy Firms as UK Winter Crisis Looms
Hong Kong Population Drops by Record as People Flee Covid Curbs
Manhattan Rents Jump to a Record as Hot Market Hits Peak Season
The Snowballing US Rental Crisis Is Sparing Nowhere and No One
Where Celebrities Go to Fix Their £5,000 Sneakers
A First Look at Aman New York, Now the City’s Most Expensive Hotel
Would Locking Up Trump Serve the Public Interest?
Coffee’s Climate Woes: Elements by Clara Ferreira Marques
Climate Bill Alone Won’t Halve US Emissions by 2030
Booming Beef Industry Has Urban Cowboys Lining Up to Buy Cattle in Uruguay
The Work-From-Home Revolution Is Also a Trap for Women
How Employers Benefit From Offering Unlimited Paid Time Off
White People Get Bigger Share of Monkeypox Shots, Early Data Show
UK Home Rental Costs Set for More ‘Sharp’ Increases, RICS Says
Seoul to Ban ‘Parasite’-Type Basement Homes After Storm Deaths
France Taps Europe for Help in Fighting Drought-Fueled Wildfires
Climate Tech’s Urban Clusters Might Not Emerge Where You Expect
The Technology That Could Stop Speeders in Their Tracks
Driving Into Manhattan Is About to Get Even More Expensive
Bedrock, USA: A County Declares the End of the Pandemic
Philippines to Stop Permits for New Virtual Asset Service Firms
Unlocking the Value in NFTs
Ja Rule Joins Celebrity NFT Ranks With HBCU Donation
What gives nonfungible tokens their value and how do they work in practice?
Nonfungible tokens aren’t just pictures of monkeys.

At the height of NFT mania, everyone from athletes like Tom Brady to celebs like Justin Beiber seemed to be buying (or talking about) collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club. Nonfungible tokens aren’t just pictures of monkeys, though — they exist on the blockchain, and buying or selling them typically requires paying in some kind of cryptocurrency, often Ether. While the link between NFT prices and the those of tokens such as Ether or Solana is not always straightforward, it’s true that nonfungible tokens haven’t been entirely spared from the chill of the crypto winter. For more on NFTs, and how and whether they’re holding up these days, Bloomberg reporter Prarthana Prakash joins this episode.
Omny Studio: The NFT Hype – Bloomberg Crypto


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