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Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is an up-and-coming meme coin on the crypto market. So far, the coin has sound $3.2 million worth of BIG tokens in their pre-sale. It is only expected to gain popularity upon its release date. The popularity of the coin is increasing on all platforms. Popular NFT collectors have talked about Big Eyes Coin (BIG) for a while and now promote them on their Twitter pages. Why are they so interested in the Big Eyes Coin (BIG)?
NFTs or non-fungible tokens are cryptographic assets on a blockchain that can be distinguished from one another by their distinctive identifying hash codes and metadata. They are worth an amount unique to each specific NFT. Unlike cryptocurrencies, they can’t be purchased or swapped for equal amounts. As cryptocurrencies are fungible, they are interchangeable and can be used for commercial transactions.
Any type of artwork, photograph, musical composition, or video file can be turned into an NFT. Even memes and tweets can become NFTs! In essence, everything with value that can be digitally stored can be utilised as an NFT.
The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is getting exponentially more popular after selling out $3.2 million worth of BIG tokens so far. Famous NFT collectors have also noticed and talked about Big Eyes Coin (BIG) on Twitter.
Twitter verified Rafa Cerro, who is the founder of Cracked Kitties NFT minting, took part in promoting Big Eyes Coin’s (BIG) $250,000 giveaway. He wanted all his followers to know as he believed Big Eyes Coin (BIG) would be the next big meme coin.

It is no surprise that Rafa believes Big Eyes Coin will be successful as his NFT minting organisation also focuses on cats as Big Eyes Coin does. Most of the meme coins in the market today use dogs as mascots. Big Eyes Coin took a risk by straying from the already laid path. However, this risk could work in their favour as it’s new, different and exciting. There aren’t many meme coins that utilise cat mascots, and there are definitely no meme coins that come close to Dogecoin (DOGE) or Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) level of popularity. Big Eyes Coin is attempting to change that, adopting an adorable anime-style cat mascot; the coin hopes to intrigue cat and anime lovers alike!
Alongside Cerro, Twitter verified marketing strategy advisor Gino Assereto also joined in to promote Big Eyes Coin’s (BIG) giveaway. Assereto is an NFT enthusiast and is in the process of launching NFTs. The NFT enthusiast has a high knowledge base on NFTs and the crypto market and has a following of 692.1K followers on Twitter. He has so many followers because he only promotes projects he believes will be successful and that if his followers were to invest in, they would gain a high return. This is why he promoted Big Eyes Coin; the new meme coin is almost ready to launch, and with $3.2 million made solely from the pre-sale, the coin is only expected to be worth more as time goes on, which is why now would be the perfect time to invest in Big Eyes Coin.

Follow the links below to follow in the footsteps of NFT collectors like Assereto and Cerro and make significant returns by investing in the Big Eyes Coin.
Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

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