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SAN FRANCISCO (PRWEB) August 18, 2022, the leading decentralized lending marketplace for NFT collateral, launches Arcade V2, which features upgrades to the underlying protocol and an app redesign.
A highlight of Arcade V2 includes airdrop-friendly vaults, which allow borrowers to claim airdrops from NFTs being used as collateral. Additionally, V2 adds collection offers, which speed up the process for both borrowers and liquidity providers. The V2 update also drastically improves the UI/UX of the dApp.
CEO of Arcade, Gabe Frank shared, "This is the first major revision to the platform to date. Arcade V2's increased functionality will be incredibly valuable to the DeFi and the NFT ecosystems, enabling liquidity for the next trillion dollar asset class."
Further upgrades to the dApp are in the works. In the coming months, Arcade will include:

Visit to experience all Arcade V2 has to offer.
For media inquiries, please contact Sarah Cohen at (310) 260-7901 or sarah(at)melrosepr(dot)com
About Arcade is the leading decentralized marketplace for NFT liquidity. Awarded 2022's Best Combined use of NFTs and DeFi by NFT.NYC, Arcade connects institutions, DAOs, and collectors to unlock liquidity from NFTs. Liquidity providers access a new source of yield with competitive APRs, and NFT owners access liquidity borrowing against otherwise idle assets. The non-custodial platform is also open-source; developers can build on top of the platform to further the financialization of the new asset class that is NFTs.
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