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Rapper Aitch drops his first NFT collection on LimeWireRapper Aitch drops his first NFT collection on LimeWireAitch celebrates the release of his debut album Close To Home by releasing two unique NFT collections on the LimeWire platform.
Platinum-selling British rapper and songwriter Aitch is dropping his first two NFT (non-fungible token) collections on LimeWire, a digital collectables marketplace. The project was completed in collaboration with Soga World and is based on the upcoming debut album Close To Home.
The album comes out in two collections – a physical release and the so-called Mystery Box. “The Mystery Box collection, is something I’m really excited about because it will give 46 lucky NFT holders the chance to win something really special, like spending a full day on set filming a music video, getting backstage passes at the next performance, or joining me for a shopping extravaganza”, says Aitch.
The Mystery Box option gives a chance to win a variety of exclusive in-person benefits. Aitch’s fans will be able to get lifetime tickets to his gigs, being on set or in the upcoming music video, do a video call with Aitch, and go on a 1000£ shopping via LimeWire.
This partnership between Aitch and LimeWire is a great case study of how NFTs can be utilised outside of the digital space and drive the future of the music industry and fan engagement.
Close to Home will be released on 19 August. More information is on LimeWire.

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