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Relish Works, an innovation hub exploring and pioneering the future of the food industry, has launched Corner Booth Club, an NFT project striving to connect independent Chicago restaurants with their local clientele by helping establishments unlock the power of Web3 through NFT drops created by local artists. 
Corner Booth Club has partnered with Wicker Park’s Mott Street and local artist Loc Hong to offer customers all-day access to the elusive Mott Street burger, launched on July 6th. In addition, Won Kim of Bridgeport’s Kimski will be dropping an NFT with Corner Booth Club mid-July. 

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NFTs (non-fungible tokens), often associated with digital files such as songs or artwork, are valuable digital assets that are one unit of data on the blockchain that can be sold or traded. Once partnered with an independent restaurant, Corner Booth Club converts the digital artwork created by a local artist into a utility NFT. The NFT then becomes redeemable for tangible products at the restaurant, allowing customers to access exclusive offers such as merchandise, menu items, event tickets, and more. 
Mara Russo, Relish Works’ Director of Innovation, explains, “The restaurant industry is the ultimate labor of love. It is a tough, competitive business. Technology helps as a puzzle piece to support the restaurant industry and NFTs are the next frontier in how consumers participate in restaurant experience.” 
NFTs will not only promote business for the restaurant, but also allow individuals to own a piece of their favorite local establishment. With their goal to bring people together through food-driven loyalty, Russo adds, “Relish Works believes independent restaurants and artists are the essential heart and soul of a neighborhood’s culture.” 
“We’re excited to transcend the physical space and connect with our Chicago fans and beyond. Building community is at the core of Mott Street’s values, and sharing food and art through innovation is a natural collaboration,” says Vicki Kim, Restaurateur and Partner at Mott Street.
To connect with a Corner Booth Club representative, please email For more information, visit their website and Instagram @cornerboothclub.

A post shared by Corner Booth Club (@cornerboothclub)

About Corner Booth Club 
Corner Booth Club is an NFT project presented by Relish Works, an innovation hub exploring and pioneering the future of the food industry. Corner Booth Club connects Chicago’s independent restaurants with local artists to create NFT drops that allow locals to buy into their favorite establishments.
With a successful team of innovative thinkers and technological trailblazers, Corner Booth Club ensures business success through dedicated involvement, strategic planning, and persistent promotion. Independent restaurants can also rely on Corner Booth Club to oversee the NFT digital space by creating, implementing, and maintaining the Web3 website and wallet.
Corner Booth Club prides itself on being a neighborhood-driven project with its goal being to support its Chicago community by providing local restaurants with the technological knowledge and expertise that continues to evolve each day. 
Featured Image: Loc Hong
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