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Jun 06, 2022, 10:50 ET
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LOS ANGELES, June 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Acclaimed Actor and Poet David Bianchi has partnered with artist Dogan Demir and music producer PLS&TY to create an innovative audio/visual NFT Collection titled "Senses", set to release June 9, 2022 on Async.
Senses is a collection of 1000 healing poetic audio and visual NFTs based on 100 original poems inspired by the five human senses, written and performed by Bianchi. Each NFT is accompanied by musical score produced by PLS&TY and generative art coded from extractions of David’s voice recordings by technologist Dogan Demir.

Each NFT will be a marriage of a music layer, multiple visual art layers, and one audio poetry layer. Each sense has its own color palette and artistic tone for individuality.
Beautiful images; some moving, some static; with heart-shifting music composed by PLS&TY using the Solfeggio healing frequencies and David’s narrating voice is sure to move people in ways no other NFT collection has.
"I’m looking forward to seeing the unique randomization of poetry, and how collectors respond to compelling art designed by Dogan. Normally we acquire crypto art based solely on visual, not music, language and audio poetry. It will be beautiful to learn from collectors why they chose certain pieces over the others," said Bianchi.
The series is powered by Async Music BluePrints. The owner of each NFT will hold the non-exclusive commercial re-sale and publishing rights of the written poetry.
About David Bianchi
David Bianchi is an actor/filmmaker who burst into the NFT scene in April of 2021 by dropping the world’s first Award-Winning Spoken Word (Spinema™) NFT film titled "I Can’t Breathe". David’s focus on the crypto art space is social and human impact and he has continued to make history with his thought-provoking multi-media work.
About Dogan Demir
Dogan has been working in the NFT space since 2020 and has been collected around the world and curated on major platforms like Async and Foundation. The principle of his work is to touch the observer’s senses using GLSL, Python, C#, and Javascript programming languages. For more information:
About PLS&TY
Tommy Leas, better known as PLS&TY – is trail-blazing in the electronic dance music scene with his unique sound: languid bass, full of captivating vocals and upbeat melodies. His visual NFT work has been forward-thinking back to 2020. He has been an early adopter of all platforms being one of the first 10 creators on Foundation as well as doing releases with Artblocks, SuperRare, Async, and more. 
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Vanessa Probert
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