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On Thursday, October 13, OpenSea will release The Eternal nft collection, Sir Anthony Hopkins’ first series. Anthony Hopkins recently went live on the YouTube channel of NFT influencer gmoney to provide additional information about the Eternal nft collection.
In collaboration with an orange comet, Sir Anthony Hopkins announced the collection for the first time in August to kick off his extraordinary endeavor of expanding his artistic expression into the metaverse.
It is confirmed that the collection is dropping on October 13th
Fans were given a sneak peek at the drop in a trailer, which stoked their anticipation for the release. The wait is over now that the collection’s release has been confirmed for the following week.
The enduring classic archetypes of the collection’s theme, developed by Hopkins in collaboration with the Orange Comet team, give the project its name. 
The archetypes of the Hero, Rebel, Magician, Sage, Ruler, Explorer, Lover, Creator, Giver, and Jester are featured in the hyper-realistic digital renderings of Hopkins’ face in the animations. 
There will be a separate release of 100 PFP variants of the respective Jungian character theme for each of the ten animations, totaling 1,000 NFTs in the PFP portion of the drop.
Additionally, Orange Comet will auction off a one-of-a-kind 1-of-1 NFT, which combines all ten character animations into a single piece. A charity of Hopkins’ choosing will receive a portion of the proceeds from the work that is up for auction.
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Why Hopkins is coming up with new ideas in the NFT field? 
Hopkins told nft now at the press junket that NFTs are a blank canvas to create art. He was initially nervous about creating them, but you have to continue. The knighted octogenarian has spoken more frequently in recent years about the importance of overcoming one’s hesitations and fears for the sake of art.
Hopkins continued, “Try everything.” any time. Don’t let your age limit you. You can manage it. There is neither victory nor defeat. Simply do it. Hopkins quickly responded that the Rebel speaks to him the most when asked which archetype in the collection he feels the most affinity for.
The Orange Comet team took their inspiration from Hopkins’ most well-known character, Hannibal Lecter, so Hopkins’ choice of the Rebel archetype is appropriate.
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