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With tons of new crypto projects hitting the market every week, it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate the great ones from the not-so-great ones, especially with the rise in popularity of NFTs. These went mainstream in a big way a year or so ago, but not every NFT investment has paid off for those who got involved. Some have made massive gains, while others have made massive losses.
Regardless of what you think about the long-term viability of NFTs as an investment, they’re undoubtedly here to stay. And some projects, like GLO, make secure use of them amongst a range of other investments… So you can diversify your risk and enjoy real upside without any stress. Analysts predict big things for three Ethereum blockchain projects over the coming months. These include the GLO as mentioned above, alongside SOL and AVAX. Let’s look at why these might be the perfect additions to your investments…
Glo has created an extremely secure vault of investments into a range of other projects to help it become the first fully asset-backed community-driven crypto that’s completely deflationary and continues to become more scarce over time.
It also allows holders to have positions in other assets they previously wouldn’t have been able to afford. Glo’s vault (which utilizes DAO votes on all major decisions) comprises investments into NFTs, cryptocurrencies, fine art, whiskey, and more. Even digitized versions of precious metals like gold are included in vault investments. This gives holders access to a stable store of assets that help give the currency 1:1 backing. Something fiat lost long ago.
GLO continues to become more scarce over time, thanks to a unique dual-burn mechanism that takes tokens out of supply as more people buy the crypto. It’s a real-world answer to the troubles of inflation and central banks who simply print more money (lowering the value of existing currency).
GLO is still available in pre-sale, and now could be the perfect time to buy.
Crypto was always supposed to be fast, but many other projects have struggled to give users the speed they’ve been crying out for. With Solana, users get access to the fastest blockchain in the world, and Solana is already home to a ton of interesting projects that could have a huge future in the space, including NFTs and more. That’s why Solana is gaining traction, and it’s certainly one to look out for. 
Avalanche’s native token AVAX is used to back up and power the Avalanche network, participate in votes, and receive rewards. Some say Avalanche could be the answer to Ethereum’s issues, with much faster transactions and lower fees. It’s also one expert predicting big things, so keep a lookout for growth in AVAX soon.
Experts like the look of AVAX, GLO, and SOL. They’re arguably the future of the crypto space, and all answer niche issues in the crypto space. Check them out today.
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