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Back in December 2021, Joe Rogan hosted digital artist Beeple on episode #1748 of the JRE podcast. Along with some interesting conversations, the artist also brought a gift with him to the podcast and handed it to Rogan during the episode.
Beeple is a world-renowned artist and is mostly known for his work within the NFT space. The gift he gave Rogan was an Elon Musk-based NFT from one of Beeple’s many collections. The podcaster was thrilled with the gift and blown away by the visual aspect of the NFT:
Watch Rogan open the gift from Beeple here:
The artist also said that he gifted the same NFT to Elon Musk and his brother Kimbal Musk when meeting them in Basel before appearing on the JRE podcast.
Along with the amazing piece of art, Beeple also included a “hair sample” for Rogan, which gained many laughs in the studio. Rogan described the NFT as a “jacked Elon Musk in his underwear.” Despite the light-hearted nature of this particular work, Beeple made a record sale of $69 million in 2021, meaning the NFT gift will likely hold a lot of value in the future.
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Despite being thankful for Beeple’s NFT gift, Joe Rogan has often criticized concepts such as NFTs, cryptocurrency and the metaverse. While speaking to Ben Shapiro on episode #1732 of the JRE podcast back in November last year, Rogan once again voiced his opinions on the metaverse.
The podcaster seemingly had an issue with trusting Mark Zuckerberg in properly handling all the information and control gained via the metaverse and called the idea “crazy” when speaking to Shapiro:
Watch the full clip here:
Joe Rogan went on to compare the digital world to video games, saying that the original ‘Pong’ game wouldn’t satisfy children today given how far the technology has developed. He felt that there could come a time where people decide to spend more time in the digital world than in real life.


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