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Coinbase launches short film amid US SEC allegations and falling stock price
Solana-based NFT marketplace Magic Eden has enabled Genopets players and NFT members to mint and trade so-called semi-fungible tokens within the move-to-earn digital pets game via the Magic Eden marketplace. Crystals and Terraform Seeds are among the first Genopets SFTs that will be listed on Magic Eden’s marketplace. 
While most non-fungible tokens are built on the ERC-721 standard, semi-fungible tokens are built on the ERC-1155 standard. Created by blockchain gaming developers Enjin, SFTs are mostly used in blockchain-based video games. SFTs act like fungible tokens until they get used. Similar to a gift card that can be exchanged for a gift card of the same value, an SFT loses its value as soon as it is used. 
Main advantages of using SFTs over NFTs in games is that token transactions to the wrong addresses are reversible and refundable. Players can also transfer multiple SFTs in a single transaction.
Magic Eden recently launched Magic Ventures, a venture capital fund that focuses on investments in Web3 games as well as funding its own games.
2/ SFTs are digital assets that can be minted/traded in quantities greater than one. In @Genopets, SFT Crystals and Seeds are the base ingredients you’ll need lots of to craft and create items in the game.

What’s the difference between NFTs & SFTs? ➡️
Coinbase released part one, out of three, of the “The Degen Trilogy” of films featuring characters from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). The five-minute-long animated film titled “Run The Chain,” presents five “degens” who compete for a chance to win ApeCoin. 
Coinbase tweeted that those who would like a chance for their NFTs to be featured in the upcoming Parts 2 and 3 need to create a profile on the exchange’s NFT marketplace.
Reactions on Twitter were mixed, with some users praising the animation and others questioning the film’s purpose and timing.
Let me tell you why this is a miss:
1. Zero emotional connection to the characters
2. No anticipation or interest in the market for this content
3. Too lengthy (you think you can keep a degen’s attention for 5min on twitter?)
4. Random ape shills (neglects all other communities)
On the same Tuesday the trailer dropped, asset manager Ark Invest, run by Cathie Wood, sold off roughly 1.4 million shares of Coinbase as the crypto exchange’s COIN is down nearly 20% over the past seven days.  
The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton business school announced a new online certificate program titled the “Business in the Metaverse Economy.” This six-week executive education course is designed for business and technology professionals who want to learn how their companies can gain value by using metaverse technology. Wharton claims it is the first Ivy League business school to launch a program on the topic of the metaverse.
NEWS: #WhartonExecEd has launched “Business in the Metaverse Economy," an online certificate program.

The course, which includes interactive learning experiences, is designed to help leaders develop strategies to capture value in the emerging market.

Additionally, the University of Tokyo plans to offer a range of courses on the fundamentals of metaverse technology, such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality. The primary purpose is to retrain students and professionals in digital transformation. The certificate courses will also be open to junior and senior high school students who want to get a head start on learning about engineering and information science, and potential career paths in such fields.
Japan’s Ministry of Economy also recently launched the “Web3 Policy Office” to develop the country’s Web3 business environment.
Coca-Cola plans to airdrop limited edition digital collectibles on July 30 to members of Coca-Cola’s existing NFT community to mark International Friendship Day and the one-year anniversary of the brand’s first NFT drop.
This latest collection features a design inspired by the bubbles within Coke bottles, and each International Friendship Day digital collectible is meant to be shared with a friend. Once shared, the artwork will be revealed for both holders. Owners may also gain access to future experiences with the brand.
Members eligible to receive the airdrop include collectors of the Coca-Cola International Pride Day 2022 drop and the Coca-Cola Hamburger Day drop from earlier this year.
For #FriendshipDay we're celebrating YOU! Owners of our digital collectibles from last Friendship Day, Burger Day, and Pride will be gifted a new collectible NFT and one to share with a friend.🎁✨ These will give you future access to #CocaCola exclusives.
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Blockworks exclusive: Terraform Labs is creating infrastructure to build DAOs on Terra 2.0
Collaboration includes showcasing curated SuperRare collections on Meural smart frames
The company is set to make the trading of fractional shares free when fees kick in on Oct. 1
Variant puts $450 million aside as it looks to invest in early-stage crypto startups in the bear market
The fund group is looking to expand its regulatory offerings as it looks to gain market share


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