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Updated – Jul 13, 2022 3:52 pm

We all love to own rare things! Don’t we? So, being cricket fans can we ever leave an opportunity to own the never-seen-before cricket player cards? If you ask me, I would say, “NEVER!” Rario, the world’s largest cricket NFT platform, has just announced the Cricket Carnival Pack Drop, featuring cards of players from all the participating teams of the upcoming Caribbean Premier League (CPL). These cards are designed in a way that every cricket fan would feel privileged to have them. 

Why must you reserve these packs? It is because they haven’t been marketed to the outside world. That means they are exclusively made for Rario’s community. So, there won’t be much competition and you can get these cards at a very cheap price, which won’t be the case in future. The upcoming Rario’s pack drops are to be marketed globally with Dream Sports, meaning there would be more competition and understandably, fewer chances of buying! So, why should you let this opportunity go?

Now, you must be wondering what are the benefits of buying these cards? No doubt cricket is a game of great uncertainties but these cards can certainly lead you to win exciting rewards. How?
Rario is coming up with a ‘Cricket Strategy Game’, which you can play only with these cards. This game will offer top rewards and the more exclusive cards you own, the more your chances of winning. The game will go live with the start of the upcoming Caribbean Premier League (CPL). The drop will have all the top players that are most likely to form the playing XIs of the six teams. 
So, why waste more time? The cards are dropping on July 15th and the reservation has already started. Log on to and enter the required information to reserve a spot and become a contender to buy these cards when they go live on the 15th. At the moment, one person can only reserve a single pack. 
There are three categories of cards: Black, Gold and Silver. Which one should you go for? Black is the top category, featuring the most exclusive cards followed by Gold and then Silver. So, look out for getting those black and gold ones as they are going to help you gain more levels in the Cricket Strategy Game. Do you have more questions about the pack drop? Please visit: for more details

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