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Mobile augmented reality (AR) social network Xone has unveiled its latest drop, Cloud Xone.
This is the second drop in a series of four, Cloud Xone gives access to holders the Xone Application (“XAPP”) where they will be able to customise and explore their Xone and display NFT collections within dedicated picture frames. In the future holders can monetise their Xone by earning $Xone tokens through renting, staking, and creating shops. 
Xone is a mobile AR social network that allows users to build and share 3D worlds. Xone’s vision is to become the Web3 version of TikTok, focusing on user-friendly interfaces, discovery, and music to onboard the next 100 million users into Web3.

With this newest drop, 2,500 XONES  each one procedurally unique and generated using a combination of 3D softwares are available to be had. The Xones are divided into 4 realms  Jungle, Cloud, Underwater and Desert.
According to Xone, Jungle sold out nearly immediately at the launch this year. Underwater and Desert will become available in additional drops coming soon. These realms are located within an explorable AR mobile metaverse that is currently available in prototype for iOS and Android. 

James Shannon, CEO & Co-Founder, “I started this project two years ago with the goal to create spaces where fandoms and cultural identities could be expressed without limit. Who you are and what you enjoy shouldn’t just be reserved for a shelf in your room or spot in the basement. Today, the rubber is finally hitting the road.”
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The team behind Xone has built AR experiences for record labels such as Sony Music, Universal Music and Warner Records.
The company said its goal is to provide first in class utility to its community while building out the island  an explorable AR world that will bridge multiple NFT and metaverse projects, host virtual concerts, exhibitions and gamified experiences. Each parcel of land in this metaverse is called a Xone.


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