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YGG recently announced a partnership with My Pet Hooligan, AMGI’s premium NFT project. As an innovative Web3 entertainment venture, AMGI Studios possesses extensive gaming and animation experience.
The venture employed all of this with My Pet Hooligan, a player vs player game developed in Unreal Engine 5. The game is established within its customized Metaverse called The Rabbit Hole.
It features unique Zootopia, and GTA (Grand Theft Auto) inspired three-dimensional characters. These characters are stationed to defend Web3 from Metazuckbot, the corporate overlord.
YGG recently gained over 250,000 dollars worth of LITRON and KARROT tokens under the YGG token swap. The YGG community will use these tokens to partake in the game. Besides the support YGGG will offer for the project, AMGI will also build social and gameplay structures in The Rabbit Hole framework.
Colin Brady, AMGI Studios’ Chief Creative Officer, discussed the recent partnership. According to Colin, collaboration with YGG is a significant feat for the project. The AMGI team is thrilled to work with them to build a fantastic Web3 and play-to-earn project.
My Pet Hooligan holds a key piece in the AMGI Studios’ roadmap of getting new users in the Web3 market via IP and community integration, added Colin. Yield Guild Games also expressed delight in the partnership. 
In the My Pet Hooligan world, players must own a genesis NFT or similar MPH NFTs to partake in any game mode. The game will also offer a free-to-play option where players will get limited access to different play-to-earn opportunities and game modes.
KARROT token will be the basic utility token in the MPH network. However, they will also support multiple other soft currencies to help users in the future. The game will offer multiple PvE and PvP prospects to enable players to monetize their time and efforts. 
Given the popularity the project has already garnered, it is certain to be a massive success in the gaming industry.
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