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New York, NY –News Direct– HolyVerse Inc.
If you’ve heard of NFT’s recently, then you already know they are all the new craze. These two young entrepreneurs are taking advantage of it while setting the example and paying it forward. Sonny Fazio and Sam Elfarra have made around $4 million dollars in the NFT space so far and have already donated around $50,000 to a non profit organization, Cents-Ability. They have plans to grow the company this year to reach 100’s of thousands of new users, while also donating over $100,000 dollars to charity to give back.
These two entrepreneurs met online and quickly became friends and next thing they knew they found themselves working on their very own project, HolyVerse. The first three NFT collections they created together are called Holy Heroes, Holy Villains, and Holy Pets. All three of these collections successfully sold out near instantly, which totaled up to 13,332 NFTs.
One big key to their success was helping educate others by sharing what they learned. They learned to utilize their Tik Tok account, @holynft, and now boast over 460 thousand followers on their account. They provide educational and entertaining content to keep teenagers engaged while having fun and learning. Many of their members originated from there and were some of the first buyers of these NFT collections.
Their first collection they launched, Holy Heroes, was a winged and haloed collection of 3,333 main characters that were created to defend the HolyVerse. Next came the Holy Villains which would give their online world a more competitive aspect while continuing to build out this online world. Then of course, both of these main characters all needed a companion animal as well, so Holy Pets was born.
They have also created a crypto currency which all their current NFT collections can earn through their staking system; which means members earn crypto just from owning one. Over the Summer they will be releasing their play to earn video games as well. Players can earn what they call one of their utility cryptos, $HVP, just from playing the game. All while competing with others around the world for a top spot on the global leaderboard.
The two friends didn’t start the HolyVerse just because they were entrepreneurs and loved gaming though, they also wanted to start a scalable company that could generate revenue so they could not only give, but give often. Quickly after the first NFT collection drop, Holy Heroes, they partnered with Cents-Ability. One of the founders, Sonny Fazio said, “we believe our community is more like a family, and giving to Cents-Ability is one way we keep our members united for the cause.”
HolyVerse chose to donate to Cents-Ability because it not only is impacting our younger generations in a positive way, but because it struck a chord with them personally. Cents-Ability’s goal is to help educate high-schoolers on important life skills such as budgeting, saving and investing with a geographical focus on marginalized communities of the US. The team has been able to not only donate, but participate in the live events where they focus on educating high schoolers about financial literacy. They have already helped with these events multiple times in Chicago and New York and will continue to expand their efforts and outreach throughout the expansion of their company, HolyVerse.
HolyVerse Inc was founded in 2021 by Sonny Fazio and Sam Elfarra. This was originally a NFT Project which later on expanded to a C-Corp. HolyVerse creates digital assets in the form of NFTs within an expanding online ecosystem where their native crypto currencies can be used in multiple ways while working to improve the lives of marginalized communities through financial literacy education. Learn more at
Cents Ability is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity dedicated to empowering high school students by educating them about financial management and providing the financial literacy resources necessary to achieve their goals. Learn more at
HolyVerse Inc.
Sonny Fazio and Sam Elfarra
+1 949-419-5072
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