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Investing in upcoming NFT projects can be an excellent strategy to profit in the crypto market. However, finding upcoming NFT drops that are actually worth investing in can be far more difficult than expected.
Throughout this guide, we’ll be taking a look at 10 of the best upcoming NFT projects, explaining why people invest in upcoming NFTs, and discussing how any investors can find hot upcoming NFT drops easily. Let’s get started.

As some investors are simply looking for a nudge in the right direction, we’ve included a brief summary of the best upcoming NFT projects. However, we’ve also taken a more detailed look at each project slightly further down the page. 
We’ve included projects that span a wide range of sectors and networks to provide a more complete picture of the current NFT landscape. 
Each of the collections we’ll be taking a look at shows ample promise, but it remains crucial to perform the proper due diligence before investing. 
Tamadoge (TAMA) leverages the recognition of meme coins, Metaverse technology, and play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics to cement itself as one of the best upcoming NFT projects on the market.
It’s clear that investors share this sentiment as the project recently became one of the year’s best crypto presales, raising $19 million in funding in less than eight weeks – far earlier than expected – highlighting why TAMA is one of the most hyped upcoming NFTs.
The two most important aspects of the main Tamadoge P2E experience are the Metaverse world known as the Tamaverse and 3D-animated NFT-based pets (upcoming NFTs to mint Q4 2022). 
The Tamaverse is a painstakingly crafted, expansive world. As such, players can explore, interact with each other, and train their pets. Later down the line, there are plans to release augmented reality support for the Tamaverse as well as making it accessible on mobile, allowing players to look after their pets on the go. With such clear plans for the future, Tamadoge could be the best NFT to buy right now.
Within the Tamaverse, players can train, breed, and battle tokenized Tamadoge pets, with each pet 100% tradeable and unique. Tamadoge’s core gameplay centers around training these pets. Each can be leveled up using food, toys, and cosmetic items, all of which will be available to purchase within the in-game pet store.  
By improving their pets, players can improve their leaderboard ranking and earn monthly rewards paid out in TAMA. As leveling up pets requires items from the in-game store, it also triggers the 5% burn rate on revenue generated from the Tamadoge store, reducing the overall supply of TAMA, and helping to the boost price. 
With Tamadoge making such a large splash in the short time since its release, analysts are now forecasting a huge price surge for TAMA when it is listed on an exchange for the first time. That takes place on Tuesday, September 27, with OKX to list the coin from 11am UTC.
Check out the project today and join the Tamadoge Telegram to stay informed about any new developments. 
Buy Tamadoge on OKX
Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a P2E gaming and DeFi ecosystem that utilizes NFTs to provide users with an intuitive and rewarding experience. It’s one of the latest NFT projects that are upcoming and not a project that any investor will want to overlook. 
Despite its functionality only beginning to roll out on September 24 (starting with a staking platform), Battle Infinity is already enjoying great success and being regarded as one of the 11 best altcoins on the market. 
The project sold out its presale 65 days ahead of schedule before going on to do a 4x as soon as it was listed on PancakeSwap. 
As Battle Infinity is packed to the brim with features, it’s split into a few different platforms. In addition to the upcoming staking platform, there is also a fantasy sports league where players are tokenized and tradable, a collection of NFT-based P2E games, an NFT marketplace, a detailed Metaverse arena, and a decentralized exchange (DEX). 
To participate in the IBAT Premier League (fantasy sports league), a player will need to acquire an NFT pass. After doing so, they will be granted a budget to buy players, the stats of which are based on real-world performance. 
In addition to earning the top players rewards, NFT passes can be easily sold for crypto using the project’s propriety Battle Marketplace (NFT marketplace). 
With the rollout of the IBAT Battle Stake platform on September 24, it’s likely new cryptocurrency IBAT could explode as users rush to stock up on tokens to earn rewards and get prepared for the rollout of the IBAT Premier League.
With that in mind, it could be worth acquiring some tokens ahead of schedule from PancakeSwap or LBank. Furthermore, joining the IBAT Telegram will ensure that an investor hears about further updates before anyone else. 
Visit Battle Infinity 
Out of all the upcoming NFT projects, Mini Melties is one of the most hyped. It features artwork created by Buff Monster in addition to its merit as a high-quality piece of digital art, each NFT entitles the holder to a range of benefits that secure the collection as one of the top upcoming NFT drops. 
There is a total of 2,000 Mini Melties NFTs up for grabs, each unique and boasting rare traits from a diverse pool. 
Another reason why Mini Melties could be one of the best upcoming NFTs to buy is that by swapping a few NFTs, it’s possible to attain a unique and handcrafted physical piece. Furthermore, holders will get exclusive access to limited collectibles. 
With Buff Monster already being a popular digital artist, it makes sense that Mini Melties could become one of the best new upcoming NFTs of the year. 
While some of the best upcoming NFT projects feature artwork that wouldn’t be out of place in children’s cartoons, Who Is Emily has instead focused on creating high-quality ‘museum grade’ artwork. 
The collection of 10,000 unique NFTs is stylized as portrait paintings and has been generating a fair bit of buzz in the world of upcoming NFT mints. 
While this upcoming NFT’s primary focus is on art, each piece also comes with a myriad of other benefits. Firstly, holders will receive private access to an exclusive DAO community that deals out rewards paid for by the community treasury. 
The project also plans to open both real-world and Metaverse art galleries which will host decentralized auctions. 
With Who Is Emily’s focus on bringing high-quality art to both the real world and the Metaverse, the collection’s potential is apparent. 
As the team will initiate buybacks to remove some NFTs from circulation, it could prove to be one of the year’s top upcoming NFTs to buy. 
Deeds of the World is one of the latest upcoming NFT drops to offer holders a way to earn while playing games. 
With that said, the collection takes a fresh approach to the sector which could make it one of the best upcoming NFTs to mint this year. 
The project allows players to collect NFTs based on real-world countries and territories. Each NFT is allocated points based on its size in real life. As a player accumulates land, they earn points, boosting their leaderboard ranking. 
While each NFT is worth a certain number of points, completing country sets earns the holder bonuses and burns the territory NFTs making the collection deflationary. 
By collecting territories and countries, players can earn tokens that can be converted to unique NFT art based on real-life artists or sold and converted to cash or crypto. 
With such an interesting concept, it would be no surprise to see Deeds of the World become one of the top upcoming NFT projects in 2022. 
It’s no secret that increased emissions and non-environmentally friendly manufacturing processes are affecting the world around us.
Igloo Genesis aims to raise awareness for this issue with a collection of 6,666 NFTs based on Igloos. With there being an increasingly large focus on the environment, we could see Igloo Genesis become one of the best upcoming NFT drops.
The project has chosen igloos as its muse as the penguins in Antarctica and polar bears in the arctic are both expected to be forced close to extinction over the coming decades. 
As such, the Igloo Genesis team has decided to raise awareness of the issue through free upcoming NFT mints. 
With such noble ambitions and completely free upcoming NFT drops, it’s entirely possible that Igloo Genesis will perform well once it’s released on September 30. 
One of the upcoming NFT mints helping to take P2E gaming to the next level is Mystic Motors, a collection of 8,000 NFTs created on the Ethereum network.
Each NFT will be sold for 0.1 ETH and provides the holder access to a vehicle in the Mystic Motors game. 
In order to create a unique experience for its users, each of the Mystic Motors new upcoming NFTs will feature unique traits like color, wheels, and bodies. Users can earn crypto rewards by engaging in Mystic Motors races, with the tokens able to be easily cashed out or used to purchase vehicle upgrades.
In addition to its competitive racing elements, Mystic Motors also plans to give users the option to earn rewards by collecting vehicles or acting as an in-game shopkeeper. 
Out of the new upcoming NFTs, Mystic Motors offers one of the most unique concepts so it’ll be interesting to see whether they can deliver on their promises. 
Magic Eden is one of the most hyped upcoming Solana NFT projects. The collection has been created taking inspiration from both the mythical Garden of Eden and real nature. 
In contrast to the vast majority of upcoming Solana NFTs, Magic Eden will initially launch with just four NFTs up for grabs. Rather than the traditional mint, this collection will be auctioned off with a 50 SOL starting price. 
The primary goal of the Magic Eden upcoming Solana NFT drops is to help bring the trading of 1/1 exclusive artwork to the Solana network. As such, holders of the genuine Magic Eden NFT collection will receive a large, real-world version of their NFT. 
While there are a lot of great upcoming Solana NFT projects, few command as much respect from the art community as Magic Eden. 
As such, it’s entirely possible that this extremely limited collection could be one of the best upcoming NFT drops of the year.
Fitness Fiends is another of the new upcoming NFTs focused on the real world equally as much as the digital. As the name implies, the collection of 6,666 Ethereum-based NFTs has a heavy focus on working out and personal fitness.
 The collection will initially be sold for 0.12 ETH with a presale launch date of October 28, 2022.
While the collection’s 6,666 NFTS will each feature unique artwork and various rarity-weighted traits, that is far from its only utility. Of the NFT projects that are upcoming this year,
Fitness Fiends offers potentially the most exciting real-world utility. Holders of the collection will receive free access to a real-life chain of gyms with the first location opening in London.  
Although the collection does have an apparent focus on providing real-world utility, holders will also receive exclusive access to Metaverse fitness classes and friendly games. 
As the Fitness Fiends gym will be open to the paying public it incorporates real business into the world of NFTs. As such, this is one of the upcoming NFT mints worth looking out for. 
To round off our list of the new upcoming NFTs, we’ve got Metanism Land, one of the upcoming Solana NFT projects focused on the Metaverse. 
The collection will comprise 10,000 NFTs, split into four regions with the initial public sale being for 2,000 plots at 3 SOL each. 
Every Metanism Land NFT represents a plot of land in the project’s upcoming virtual world. Similar to other upcoming Solana NFT drops based on the Metaverse, users will be able to create residential plots as well as commercial buildings. 
As such, the Metanism Metaverse will provide ample opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to monetize their NFT. 
With Metanism being one of the most hyped upcoming Solana NFTs, the main driving force behind the collection’s value will likely be the implementation of technology. If done correctly, this could end up being one of the year’s best upcoming NFT mints.
With the NFT market being worth billions and some popular collections selling for tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, it makes sense that a large number of crypto enthusiasts are wondering whether upcoming NFT projects could make for good investments. 
However, the answer to such a question is far from black and white. As with cryptocurrency, some NFT collections will make phenomenal investors for early supporters. 
However, it’s also true that some collections will likely fizzle out well before they have a chance to attract ample demand to really shine. Therefore, a better question would be ‘How can I find the best upcoming NFT drops?’. 
We’ll cover a plethora of ways an investor can find the top upcoming NFT projects in the next section, but for now, let’s look at what makes a particular collection a good investment.

Now that we’ve explored a few ways to determine which upcoming NFTs are worth investing in, it’s time we discuss how to actually find the best future cryptocurrency projects
Whether it’s finding the best crypto to buy or upcoming NFT projects, Twitter has become the go-to social media platform for crypto-centric ventures. As such, it’s an invaluable tool when it comes to looking for upcoming NFT drops.
Searching through popular hashtags like #NFT or #CryptoCommunity, and many others can yield excellent results. 
However, it’s important to remember that a social following can be easily faked so it’s crucial to always perform ample due diligence. 
Messaging platforms have also become extremely popular with NFT collections as they provide an easy and efficient way for a team to communicate with their fans.
A couple of the most popular sites are Telegram and Discord. Typically, members of these groups will hear about new plans or updates before anyone else so it can be worth joining to get a feel for the project before investing. 
With the rise of NFTs, it’s of little surprise that a large number of platforms have been created to help launch new collections. These platforms are commonly referred to as NFT Launchpads. 
They help get a new collection in front of a highly targeted audience and can sometimes assist in marketing efforts. Therefore, browsing NFT launchpads can be helpful for discording exciting new projects.
It’s commonplace in the world of NFTs for a popular collection to release other projects within the same ecosystem. This gives new investors a chance to get involved without paying resell prices and provides more revenue for the collections. 
Oftentimes, a collection will hand out free or early access mints to holders of a parent collection, so it’s worth looking out for any announcements. 
In order to be sold easily, an NFT must be listed on a marketplace. As such, they’ve become hubs for both new and established collections. 
The vast majority of popular NFT marketplaces (OpenSea, Rarible, etc) will have a section featuring new or upcoming NFTs, making finding upcoming NFT mints a breeze. 
While NFT Launchpads are primarily designed to assist projects, NFT calendar websites were created with investors in mind. They will aggregate upcoming collections, compiling key details like price and collection size. 
With NFT calendars often featuring a massive amount of projects, they can be great tools. However, some offer sponsored placements so researching before investing is key.
During this article, we’ve taken a look at 10 of the hottest upcoming NFT projects in 2022, discussed whether upcoming NFTs can make for good investments, and explained a few of the best places an investor can find new upcoming NFTs. 
However, during our research, we noticed that a particular project seems primed to take off after its fully released. 
Tamadoge provides an immense amount of value for investors through the creation of an engaging and rewarding P2E game. 
The project has already been a big hit with investors, raising a massive $19 million within just weeks after its release. 
With the projec’s token already confirmed to list on OKX on September 27, it’s worth getting familiar with Tamadoge now.
Buy Tamadoge on OKX
What are the best upcoming NFT projects?
While we’ve taken a look at 10 of the best upcoming NFT projects, two in particular offer huge amounts of upside potential. Both Tamadoge and Battle Infinity have already been big hits with investors, each selling out its presale far ahead of schedule. With both expected to release core functionality before the end of the year, it’s the perfect time to check them out.
Where can I find NFTs before they drop?
There are a plethora of platforms that are excellent tools for finding new NFT collections. Social media platforms like Twitter and Telegram can offer a glimpse into how a collection is performing in a social setting. Whereas NFT marketplaces and calendars can be great for finding a large quantity of NFTs with minimal effort. 
What is the next big NFT?
While it’s impossible to say for sure which upcoming NFTs will explode, Tamadoge and Battle Infinity have all the markings of a blue-chip project. Both are packed with utility and already clearly have investors’ intrigued, making them well worth taking a look at. 
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