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If you follow NFT news, you might have noticed an uptick in brands filing trademarks for NFT-related projects and products. From Kanye West to the Mean Girls franchise, NFT fever seems to have hit Hollywood hard. 
Well, trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis has revealed that there has indeed been an increase in NFT-related trademark filings. From 2021 to now, there has been roughly a 200% increase in NFT trademark filings, which Kondoudis outlined on his Twitter page. 
So far this year, 6366 US trademark apps have been filed for NFTs and related blockchain goods and services,” he said.
As Kondoudis broke it down, there were 2,142 NFT trademark filings in 2021. In 2022 thus far, there have been 6,366, marking a sharp increase. March was the busiest month for these trademark filings, with 1080 filed in total, while September was the lowest, with only 435. 
The sharp increase from last year to this year is a testament to just how popular NFTs have become, as well as their level of adoption. The NFT craze within industries like entertainment and gaming has meant that many companies and franchises are filing for trademarks to launch projects or even just to cover their bases.
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Tokoni Uti has written extensively on blockchain and cryptocurrency for years. Her work has appeared on sites like BTCmanager and Blockchain Reporter. She has a degree in Corporate Communications.

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